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The Head and Neck Cancer Support Network is an incorporated society. No. 2643011. The Network is a New Zealand wide group set up to connect, support and advocate for people affected by head and neck cancer. The Network is holding the AGM on 6 May, and you will be notified of the details, and given the opportunity to participate over the coming months.

There are other New Zealand support groups run by District Health Boards, and the Cancer Society. These are informal and have the purpose of providing social and educational support. There may be one running in your area. 

There are two New Zealand based Facebook groups which provide online support. Both groups are closed to the general public. If you know of more groups, please let us know and we will add to our website.


Head and Neck Cancer Support Aotearoa


The Explorers - Head and Neck Cancer Support


International Groups

Online Support Community - Head and Neck Cancer Alliance

SPOHNC | Support For People with Oral, Head and Neck Cancer

HNC Support International: Head and Neck Cancer Support

Head and Neck Cancer | Cancer Support Community

Throat Cancer Support and Resources - Throat Cancer Foundation

Head and Neck Cancer Alliance Support Group & Community - Inspire

The Oral Cancer Support Forum

Head and Neck Cancer Survivors


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