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Join our Facebook group to connect with other people affected by head and neck cancer. The group is supportive, kind and caring.

There are a range of articles which may be of use to you below. 

We recommend you access this reputable resource from  which explains the types of treatment available.

Canterbury District Health Board in conjunction with the Cancer Society have produced an excellent series of information sheets on Head an Neck Cancer.

 A useful resource which explains the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis.

Some help for those who are applying for assistance for the Department of Social Development

A tool to help you create your own head and neck cancer guide.

Advice on contacting your nearest Cancer Society for help and advice.

Some support on managing relationships after diagnosis with cancer.

Beyond Five is a charity providing excellent resources to people with head and neck cancer.

International Organisations you may find of value

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Choose Wisely aims to help create a culture where patients and health professionals can have valuable, informed conversations about a patient’s care – avoiding unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

Sometimes, more care is not better – and un

Cancer information helpline 0800 CANCER | 0800 226 237

You can ring this number at any time to ask for advice. 

Below is an email address.

The Cancer Society has liaison nurses in most areas who will visit you at home aft

Download your Guide to HNC in Australia and New Zealand

HNC Patient Book - Order your FREE copy now! 
The 2018 Second Edition of the Australian Head and Neck Cancer Patient & Carers Book was launched in July 2018 at the ANZHNCS Conference in Melbourne. The book is a patient led initiative coordinated by former patient and Beyond Five Ambassador, Julie McCrossin, and fellow former patient Marty Doyle, coordinator of the Head and Neck Cancer Patient Support Group in Queensland.

The book shares many personal head and neck cancer stories from patients, family and carers from all over Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the book highlights some of the people who work in the head and neck multidisciplinary team who talk about important aspects of care at specific points in the head and neck cancer journey.

To order FREE hard copies of the 2018 Australian issue email: or text 0408 699 166 (text messages only please) or to download an e-copy visit: Back to top.

Cancer Connect
It is important to realise you are not going through cancer alone. You may want to talk to people who have gone through or are going through a similar experience to yourself. The Cancer Society has some excellent resources here.