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“From knowledge comes empowerment. From community we find comfort.”

Beyond Five spokesperson

Beyond Five is a national not-for-profit organisation established by a group of leading Head & Neck Cancer specialists around Australia to provide information and support for patients, caregivers, family and health professionals.

Born from a need to provide comprehensive, reliable and easily accessible information to everyone, regardless of where they live, Beyond Five is the first organisation of its kind in Australia to dedicate itself to the awareness, treatment and creation of a holistic community for head and neck cancer.

“Head and neck cancer is incredibly complex – it can affect a person’s tongue, salivary glands skin or voice box. When we initially tell someone about their diagnosis of cancer, the only word they remember is cancer. In those early days, information is key…”

Beyond Five Spokesperson

Head & Neck cancer includes 10 different cancers that affect the face, mouth, throat and neck. While some of these cancers are common, for example, skin cancer that affects more than 500,000 people in Australia every year, many of these cancers are rare and don’t receive much public attention or enough research funding.

“Head and neck cancer can devastate the lives of patients by changing their appearance and how they communicate, eat, breathe, see and hear. Without support, this leads to depression, anxiety and social isolation. It also places an enormous burden on the friends and relatives who care for them, “said a Beyond Five spokesperson.

The Beyond Five website and educational content was painstakingly developed over 24 months, intent on supporting patients with head and neck cancer and their families through their cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment and life after cancer.

“One feature of the site which we believe will be incredibly useful is the 3D animations for each type of head and neck cancer that guide people through the location of the cancer, how it affects a person and what treatment is available..” said a Beyond Five spokesperson.

Beyond Five is on a mission to lead in the fight against head and neck cancer, and to improve the survival and quality of life of patients through education, innovative treatments and a commitment to ground breaking research.

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Authored by Diana Ayling

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The 2018 Second Edition of the Australian Head and Neck Cancer Patient & Carers Book was launched in July 2018 at the ANZHNCS Conference in Melbourne. The book is a patient led initiative coordinated by former patient and Beyond Five Ambassador, Julie McCrossin, and fellow former patient Marty Doyle, coordinator of the Head and Neck Cancer Patient Support Group in Queensland.

The book shares many personal head and neck cancer stories from patients, family and carers from all over Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the book highlights some of the people who work in the head and neck multidisciplinary team who talk about important aspects of care at specific points in the head and neck cancer journey.

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