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There needs to be at least a two way information exchange here.  Too many medical professionals keep all the information in their notes on your medical files.  We all need to be able to access our own medical files.  Ask questions about what's in there.  Have what's in there expained in a clear, honest and concise manner.  I heave heard the arguement that the highly paid surgeon does not have time for this "too demeaning" is what I have heard.  If this is so, then there should be someone who can "interpret" on their behalf.  Ah, I hear you say, that's what the Cancer Nurse Coordinato (CNC) is for.  Really.  Then why have we NEVER met the CNC (Andrea Dempsey-Thornton) at Wanganui hospital ?  Why did she NEVER contact us until after Keith's radiation therapy ?  Why did she wait until she was prompted to act by the Social Services team at Hutt hospital ?  A bit late then as (according to Dr Simon Lou, Hamilton), who was one of the instigaters of the CNC service, the primary function of the CNC is to guide the patient through the system from start to finish.  Our CNC knew Keith had cancer, the dental technician she communicated with (Barbra Dewson) by email (we were given copies) knew Keith had cancer.  Why did these "health professionals" not mention this to Keith, as the patient he had the right to be informed.  Wanganui hospital staff NEVER informed Keith that he had cancer.  This is unacceptable.  How many other patients have not been told the truth about their situation ?  When Dr Lou was told that Peter Napier Liston (the surgeon responsible for the non disclosure and subsequent prosecution by the HDC) had not been at the Head and Neck Multidiciplinay Team meeting on the 3rd december 2013 Dr Lou was appauled.  We eventually were told by Professor Swee Tan, who, as our salvation, literally saved Keith's life.

We cannot get to the crux of the real communication problem in this case as, after reading the above, I find there to be only one conclusion.  It is recorded fact that Liston, Dewson and  Dempsey-Thornton all knew that Keith had cancer.  So why was this information kept from him ?  Only one reason.  They were "observing" the progres of the tumour.

The case of Keith Hindson (the patient), and the withholding of a cancer diagnosis and mismanagement of a cancerous tongue lesion by an oral maxillofacial surgeon (OMS), Peter Napier Liston, at Wanganui hospital.



HDC code for above case : 14DC00828

Full decision PDF 581kb

Case note DDF 261 kb

G M Rigg

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