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Fear of Recurrence

After treatment ends, one of the most common concerns survivors have is that the cancer will come back. The fear of recurrence is very real and entirely normal. Although you cannot control whether the cancer returns, you can control how much the fear of recurrence affects your life.



Those with a cancer experience are all too familiar with the anxiety that many experience wondering and waiting if and how cancer may return. New research is helping shed more light on what exactly “fear of cancer recurrence” means as a measurable patient outcome, psychological and emotional factors that may increase or decrease it, and what steps can be taken by patients and providers to help reduce it.

 Joining us to discuss fear of recurrence is Sarah Reed, MSW, MPH, PhD, of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis. You’ll hear Dr. Reed discuss new research—including her own—that seeks to more clearly define fear of recurrence and its impact on cancer patients. Watch the video below and access more resources here. https://www.canceradvocacy.org/nccs-news/nccs-webinar-video-understanding-fear-of-cancer-recurrence/

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Coping with Cancer

A series of articles providing support for those coping with cancer. Many thanks to Amy Richardson for making these materials available from her PhD research.