IMPORTANT: In issues of oral health and dental care you should ensure your treatment, care, and support is provided by qualified and experienced health professionals. Check the register of the New Zealand Medical Council for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) (Click here) and the register of the Dental Council of New Zealand for dentists, and prosthodontists.(Click here) Ensure the right health professional with the rights skills, and expertise is providing advice and services for your safety, health and well being. Be aware that this advice from the Ministry of Health does not include OMS that are registered with the Dental Council ONLY.

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The milk shake and smoothy industries present quick easy meal replacements but are they the right choice for you ?   Milk can be so good for you (unless you have an allergy to it or lactose) so all the new alternatives are popular - but as most are sweetened to inprove the flavour you need to know what you are consuming.  As many of these ready drinks are made with milk other than standard milk I thought this information was valid for those who are fans but want the best alternative for themselves.
After watching Claire Turnbull (nutritionist on Fair Go) talking about the sugar added to milk alternatives to make them palatable and the content (mainly water, as so little of it is almond, cashew, or whatever it is made from originally) as well as the cost. Well, I'm with Claire and will stick with actual milk. Here is the link if you missed the episode last week:
Fair Go hits the supermarket with a food nutritionist
Healthy Food Guide nutritionist Claire Turnbull is the perfect shopping buddy.

G M Rigg

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Before treatment we advise you to review these resources. We know that head and neck cancer patients can have many dental and oral care issues. We provide resources:

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