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Oral & Mouth Care Products

Here are some instructions and information about using Oral 7 mouth care products. I have put these together after talking with the company rep, an oral medicine specialist and people on the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Biotene used to be the go-to product for dry mouth sufferers. I used it myself when other toothpastes made my mouth sting. This was about 15 years ago. I can’t be sure of the time frame. Then Biotene became unavailable in New Zealand. In about 2010 I noticed people on the Oral Cancer Foundation saying that Biotene was no longer effective because the company had been taken over by a bigger company who removed two expensive but effective enzymes from the product.   

What could replace Biotene for dry mouth sufferers and people who had experienced radiation to the mouth? Gradually I became aware of Oral 7, having been given some small samples by our local oral medicine specialist. She said it was too expensive in New Zealand but that her colleague in Singapore found it excellent. The folk on the Oral Cancer Foundation were singing its praises but were finding it difficult to obtain.

Oral 7 is an Australian compnay.

The Oral 7 products consist of a toothpaste, a mouthwash and a dry mouth gel. They are more effective if you use the three together if possible. It is not so effective if you use it with other products containing alcohol or SLS. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a foaming agent used in most toothpastes. It can be an irritant. Supermarkets now sell alcohol free mouthwash and SLS free toothpaste but you need to look hard for them. 

Oral 7 is suitable for anybody, not just post-radiation cancer sufferers. There are lots of other causes of a dry, sensitive mouth.

Soon we will also have access to a dry mouth spray which could well provide relief for our people who have lost their salivary function.

How did we find out about Oral 7? The manufacturer saw our website and has offered us the samples. While we don’t want commercial activity on our website or Facebook page, we see this as a win win situation. 


Diana Ayling

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