IMPORTANT: In issues of oral health and dental care you should ensure your treatment, care, and support is provided by qualified and experienced health professionals. Check the register of the New Zealand Medical Council for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) (Click here) and the register of the Dental Council of New Zealand for dentists, and prosthodontists.(Click here) Ensure the right health professional with the rights skills, and expertise is providing advice and services for your safety, health and well being. Be aware that this advice from the Ministry of Health does not include OMS that are registered with the Dental Council ONLY.

We are all becoming more and more aware of the sugar problem and its effect in our diets which are linked to cancer, diabetes, heart problems, etc. Sugars are hidden in your food under chemical names but most of us are not aware that they are sugar.  A wolf in sheeps clothing, hiding in plain sight - learn what you can from the websites listed below.  They will make a difference to what you choose to buy in future.
The dangers of consuming more sugar than your body can use is attested to by the medical comunity and to some it is considered an addiction or even a toxin, so it is with this in mind that the following articles were written on sugars, not named as sugars, hidden behind scientific names, read these articles if you want the truth :

G M Rigg

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Before treatment we advise you to review these resources. We know that head and neck cancer patients can have many dental and oral care issues. We provide resources:

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