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  • Hi

    A quick post to let you know that our next meeting will be on 19/02/18 at a new time as requested 1.30 to 3, we have a guest presenter Murray from MSD/WINZ.

    Look forward to seeing you there.
  • Hi there, I would be keen to be a part of a support group. I am in Wanganui... not sure if there is anyone else here but willing to travel or Skype. I have family in Hawkes bay. Thanks
    • Hi Lynda
      We worked together (briefly) in Farmers Wanganui, I was the weekend office administrator. Hope things are not too bad for you. if you read the Wanganui Chronicle you will know what happened to Keith - still fighting.
    • Hi Lynda
      Great to see you have joined the central districts group. I am just about to start a support group over here in Palmy, and you be very welcome to join us. As we get more oraganised hopefully we can set something up in Wanganui.
  • Hi

    I have been employed as a Head and Neck Cancer nurse at Palmerston North Hospital. A large component of my job will be providing support and setting up the service (this is a new role). At the moment I am just finding my feet, but I am keen to set up a support group. I have been to visit the team in Christchurch Hospital and attended a support group there. They had some wonderful ideas and regular talks, and I am keen to replicate something similar here. Is anyone out there keen for a group though?

    Looking forward to some suggestions.
    • Fresh greetings from Sunny Hawke's Bay...
      Excited about discovering this amazing Support network. Would be a privilege to have companions on one's journey for encouragement & support. Recently, a patient in Auckland where staff and care was fabulous! Returned to Napier to recover. I wept when I heard my 'original' voice after 5 long years! Life is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and a real treasure to behold, despite the U turns and pitfalls of the past. YES, Maura I am super keen to be part of this unique group!!! Please count me in! Thanks...
    • Sorry Christine, I haven't got back to you before. We are meeting in Palmy on January 15 . Would you be interested?

      However I wonder if it might be a good idea to set something up locally, as I know of a few other head and neck cancer clients/ survivors over in the bay. I can certainly help with some health professionals and connecting people for the group.

      Would you be keen? Let me know your thoughts.
  • Kia ora, welcome to the Central Districts group. Here you can make a comment, discuss in the Forum, and share information by making a News post. We hope this group will enhance the connection, support, and advocacy for head and neck cancer folk in your region. Currently, TuiBird is the administrator for this group. If someone would like to take over the role we would be most happy for that to happen. Make the most of the group. Make it work for you.
  • The first thing members of this group might like to do is choose a symbol for the group image.
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