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HPV Oropharyngeal Cancer Research and Resources


Attached -HPV16 oropharyngeal SCC in NZerratum by Swee Tan et al

Attached –Gillies McIndoe Research Institute letter to Pharmac

Recent NZ research on oropharyngeal cancer by Rebecca Lucas-Roxborough’s study through Massey Uni. 



Consumer information

Attached – NZ HPV Project - HPV patient information pamphlets

HPV & Throat Cancer: Common Questions and Answers

Preventing HPV Cancers by Vaccination: What Everyone Should Know

HPV & Men

 NZ HPV Project - HPV Vaccine and Your Sexual Health Video (made with youth for youth!)


NZ HPV Project - HPV & Throat Cancer/Vaccine information (consumer-focused website)



 Information for health professionals

NZ HPV Project - Attached -Guidelines for the Management of Genital, Anal and Throat HPV Infection in NZ

Full guidelines

Section - HPV-related Disease in the Head and Neck – page 23

Section - HPV Vaccine – page 28


Video - Emerging Epidemic of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) related Head and Neck Cancer. A lecture with Dr Bruce Haughey and Dr Julian White (2016).



Video - The HPV Vaccine Story – Professor Ian Frazer


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