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This week we share with you a few tips to keep your Chin Up, a story on the prescribing of OxyContin, and some tips on how to communicate with your healthcare team. Enjoy!



Pharmac has spent tens of millions on OxyContin, blamed for America's opioid crisis

Pharmac has spent tens of millions of dollars funding a painkiller at the centre of the American opioid crisis. Experts say it has created a whole new population of drug users. National Correspondent Tony Wall investigates.

3251658965?profile=RESIZE_710xOxycodone, known

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This week we share with you the progress of Blair Vining's petition for the establishment of a national cancer agency with oversight for care throughout the country. There is a new single shot that could help with complex head and neck cancer, and will less side effects. And finally, there are problems in delays at Counties Manukau District Health Board. If you are affected please contact the Network or the author of the article.


Cancer care reform: Terminally ill father's petition crashes aft

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Northland man left with brain damage after suspected morphine overdose in Auckland hospital

A Northland man has been left with brain damage due to a suspected morphine overdose he received in hospital. 

Trevor Flood, 56, has been left confused and cannot remember how to use a TV remote, his wife Kylie Flood told Radio NZ's Morning Report

The Kaipara builder had gone into Auckland City Hospital on February 12 dehydrated and in severe pain after a course of radiation therapy for throat cancer. 

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The lastest head and neck cancer news covers the era before immunotherapy, coping with grief and a new head and neck cancer drug that could make patients live longer. Enjoy!

Dr. Cohen on the Era Before Immunotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer


Ezra Cohen, MD, associate director, Moores Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego, discusses the treatment era before immunotherapy in head and neck cancer.

Before PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors came into the mix, there were very limited options i

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This week our news from around the world includes Sterling K. Brown interviewing cancer survivors, a reminder about HPV and an interview acknowledging the long-term and late effects of treatment. 

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This week we have news from New Zealand research into head and neck cancer, a brave survivor speaks about the signs and symptoms of head and neck cancer, and we introduce you to a life saving technology - the Gamma Knife. Enjoy... 

Medicine already in use may help cancer treatments

This story was originally published on Newsroom.co.nz and is republished with permission.

From the Bay of Islands to Brussels there's a call to take a fresh look at old drugs to see if they could treat cancer for a fr

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Head and neck cancer news is very quiet this week. We bring you three stories to keep you thinking....

The 3 Essential Strategies To Come Back To Life After Cancer

The reality of life after cancer can be one of overwhelm and anger, of feeling lost and alone with no idea how to pick yourself back up and live the life you survived for.

Half Of Cancer Patients Struggle To Seek Help Because T

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This week our Weekly Wednesday includes one man's struggles with the DHB system, new research indicates that HBO has limited benefits, researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Centre find some persistent aspects to HPV following treament and Lynn Aspey, explores "the new normal". Enjoy!



Reasons for a hospital pass

... to larger tertiary boards like Waikato or Auckland, and some covered by board ... Specialists employed or directly contracted by Taranaki DHB include ... "This is business as u
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This week our Network News covers a great new podcast from our friends in Australia, new developments in immunotherapy, Ellen Goodman gives you the maths on starting the conversation about End of Life Care, and finally some data on the rise of head and neck cancers. 

The Thing About Cancer

2226295780?profile=RESIZE_710xListen to the welcome episode to find out what The Thing About Cancer podcast series is all about – and how it can help after a cancer diagnosis.

Get information and insights as host Julie McCrossin chats to e

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This week we share with you some commonly head myths about Head and Neck Cancers, a touching story of a rugby player determined to make the best of his end of days, and we look at why there are so few women as surgeons. 

Commonly Held Myths of Head and Neck Cancers

1989703960?profile=RESIZE_180x180There are many myths associated with head and neck cancer such as how environmental influences can affect our risk, or what role gender plays. Here, Dr Fauzia Riaz helps set the record straight to provide the real facts behind the myt

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Imaging Tool Helps Doctors Predict How Cancer Will Respond to Radiation

Clinicians who prescribe radiation to treat cancer face a fundamental difficulty in determining what dose to apply: They don’t know how individual tumors will respond to the therapy.

Now, a project by researchers at the University of Arkansas and Johns Hopkins University may promise a way to detect the difference between tumors in the lung and the head and neck that react positively to the therapy, by shrinking, and those

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How to Cope With Post-Cancer Fear

Credit: Photo compliments of Robert Brown Robert Brown, a retired attorney, leans on a sign post at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, a resort area in the Alps near the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy. Brown has survived throat and bladder cancer and continues to live an active life that includes golf, backpacking and yoga.

You get cancer. You get it fixed. After treatment ends, you get something new: a black cloud that can follow you around for decades. Is this n

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20 March 2018

This we look at asprin and survival of head and neck cancer patients,

Collection and use of medical data, the risks of opioid misuse, the cost of chronic pain to New Zealand, and mental health issues and aHNC diagnosis..#headnecknz #hnc #hnca


Can Aspirin Use Improve Survival in Certain Patients With Head and Neck Cancer?

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin may help improve the chance of survival for some patients with cancer, according to a new study.


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13 March 2018

This week our weekly news looks at risks of robotic surgery, a study on managing MRSA, improving health after treatment, post code care on bowel cancer, and a lovely piece on surviving cancer. #headnecknz #hnc #hnca


FDA sounds an alarm on using robotic devices in cancer surgeries, citing concerns about safety and results


The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday warned against the use of robotically assisted devices for mastectomies and other cancer surgeries, asserting the

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Personalized Risk-Stratified Cancer Follow-Up Care: Its Potential for Healthier Survivors, Happier Clinicians, and Lower Costs

An interesting new take on managing the increasing numbers of people surviving cancer with high needs.

Abstract ONLY: The growth in the number of cancer survivors in the face of projected health-care workforce shortages will challenge the US health-care system in delivering follow-up care. New methods of delivering follow-up care are needed that address the ongoing nee

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27 February 2018

This week our weekly news looks at Google’s move into Electronic Health Records (EHR). a new device to treat tumours in head and neck cancer, ADHB receives the Rainbow Tick, and the reporting of problems for women surgeons continues.


Google patent indicates plans to develop Electronic Health Record to predict patients' clinical outcomes

Google appears to have plans to develop its own electronic health record (EHR) for clinicians that gathers patients’ medical records and then l

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This week our weekly news looks at the term we  consider the term “Cancer Survivor”, we think about making healthcare more like Amazon, consider how suicide and head and neck cancer, and meet a boy driven by his father’s legacy.


How to make healthcare more like Amazon? It comes down to data and payer-provider collaboration

1030844405?profile=RESIZE_710xAnyone who has used an e-commerce site like Amazon knows how easy it is to get what you want—sometimes within hours—with the click of a button.

With its phone calls, long wa

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Happy Waitangi Day! Here is the latest head and neck cancer news from New Zealand and around the world.

The Man who's Time is Up


It started with a thumping, irregular pain on the right side of his head. The pain would pulsate in brief, intense waves, then fall silent. It became more regular, more fierce. Then he found a hard lump, the size of a pea, and then he went to see his doctor.

Some 171 days later, when they finally operated on Peter Kroon, the cancer on his right eyebrow had grown. No

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Japanese team plans to use iPS cells in clinical trial for cancer patients

A Japanese team is preparing a clinical trial to inject immune cells made from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells into patients with head and neck cancer, it has been learned.

The team of Riken and Chiba University researchers will file for state approval of the trial as early as autumn and start as soon as approval is given, informed sources said Thursday. The trial would become the first in Japan to use iPS cells as

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