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2147312?profile=RESIZE_480x480Does everyone want to be informed about their cancer?

Clinicians and patients often say that "not everyone wants the information". True, to a certain extent, but 1) those of us who do value information need to get it and 2) all patients need to be informed to give informed consent and manage their own care. This could be dealt with in a flexible way - different strokes for different folks. Each patient has to cope in the way they feel best but I think we should err towards knowledge, not ignora

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Swallowing Issues

This is an extract from a 2015 newsletter of a meeting at Domain Lodge. Swallowing issues do not go out of date.

Speaking today was head and neck surgeon Dr Bren Dorman from the ORL department. His talk was on swallowing issues and consisted of
videos as well as slides. The videos were of scoping procedures within the hospital clinic or the ward, showing swallowing tests and impediments to swallowing as well as some of the treatments offered.

Patients in the videos had had mostly glossectomies

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Being a Caregiver

When one member of the family gets cancer, the whole family gets it, people say. In our head and neck cancer community we have many members who have become strong advocates for their partners. Here is one such story of love and commitment. 

Taking on the role of caregiver came to me on two occasions only a few short years apart.  Suddenly and devastatingly each time, with no warning and no instruction manual.  It landed on my lap by default after the shock of a cancer diagnosis, and as such I fo

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Consumers' Code of Rights

If you are like me, you will be vaguely aware of the Code of Rights for consumers using the health system. You will have seen the tomato-coloured posters on waiting room walls entitled “Your Rights” or “Ou Tika”. You'll largely ignore them although you have been known to fire off an emotive email to a hospital department at times.


Now that I’ve looked at them closely, I realise that they are very simple and sensible and if you think the Code of Rights has been breac

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Note: this is a preliminary investigation based on a talk with my local GP clinic and lots of googling. There may be inaccuracies which you are free to point out. We will find out more when we get the chance to talk to Procare and other PHOs. I think it is an important issue. 

Important info

  • Primary health is at the community GP level as opposed to tertiary health care in the hospitals. 
  • Primary health organisations (PHOs) are funded by district health boards (DHBs) to ensure the provision of
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