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Network News - 20 August 2017

Patient Communciation with Clinical Services


If you are a person affected by head and neck cancer, or you take care of someone affected, or you have a friend or a family member, you may have had some dissatisfaction with communication with health professionals. Research from a Auckland cancer group indicates people experience a range of communication issues including, being scared, and frustrated, exhausted from telling their story over and over again, being unclear about the processes and

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Network News - 7 August 2017


New Zealand effort outstanding for World Head and Neck Cancer Day

Our WHNC day was a huge success. I am delighted to continue hearing about events, connections, donations, and general fun and camaraderie well after the day. Thank you to all those members, and our community, who gave up their time to raise awareness, education about Head and Neck Cancer. If you missed some of the action you can catch up here. A special ac

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Next month’s Auckland Meeting

This will be on 3 August, 9.30 to 11.30 at Domain Lodge.

Our speaker is Dr Neil Croucher who will address us via Skype. One of his Oral Health colleagues who works at Greenlane will attend the meeting. Dr Croucher is the overall manager of Oral Health at Greenlane, Middlemore and in Whangarei. Prepare those questions you have been dying to ask about your entitlement to dental care after head and neck cancer treatment.


Not long until WHNCD! Here’s a reminde

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The Auckland campaign for World Head and Neck Cancer Day will include free screening of the head and neck on 26 and 27 July. So far we are not aware of screening in other New Zealand centres. 

Auckland Head and Neck Specialists, who operate at Mercy Ascot Hospital, are providing two screening sessions on the day before WHNCD. This will be on 26 July. The free screenings will be at their Takapuna and NorthCare branches on Wednesday 26th July. You can ring them at 09 6302920, email at info@ahns.c

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Network News - 10 July 2017

21st-century.png?versionId=SaK87TZSUO9Puc4tkIvbfNg7k00etz14&width=350Who said this about the New Zealand health system? "We have a world-class health system but third class treatment, and we have the capacity to make a big difference. Not enough people with the greatest need are getting access to our services because we're stuck in a 19th-century view, but it's the 21st century."

Not me, and I do agree. It was Dr Lance O'Sullivan, New Zealander of the year, Far North GP and public health champion. (Evans, 2017)

He went on to say, "I don't think we should be hav

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Network News - 3 July 2017


Since our last Network News one of our members, Udaya Kovvuru, passed away on 21st June 2017. We met Udaya, and his wife Shoba last year after his surgery. We have followed his journey through our Facebook group. Udaya, was fortunate to have wonderful support from Shoba. She is a wonderfully generous and wise person, sharing their story, and supporting many others. Udaya, had the benefit of hospice care over the last weeks of his life, and we thank everyone for their care and support. Shoba, o

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Network News


This week one of our members Alan Evans (82) passed away 8 June 2017. Alan and his wife, Marlene, were two of the first people I met at the Auckland Support Group. They were regular attenders prior to Alan's advancing illness. Alan was unable to speak. Despite that he enjoyed the group. Marlene was his voice, and their close and warm relationship was obvious to us all. We will miss Alan. We hope to see Marlene again soon. 


Questionnaire Results

As you know, we recently complet

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