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Head and Neck Cancer Draws on the Power of Creativity

Head and Neck Cancer Support Network is a small organisation with a big impact on connecting, supporting and advocating for those affected by head and neck cancer. http://headandneck.org.nz/

What we do using the power of creativity in all its forms, really does make a huge difference to the lives of the people we work with. For example we have created a Patient Planner to support those affected by head and neck cancer during and post treatmen

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Fundraising for Head and Neck Cancer

9293284900?profile=RESIZE_400xKia ora tatou,

the Head and Neck Cancer Support Network is a small organisation taking on some big challenges. We work with great passion to connect, support and advocate for those affected by head and neck cancer in New Zealand. We are asking for you to help us to improve health outcomes and ensure the voices of people living with head and neck cancer are heard in the places that count. 

Your donation will support our efforts to:

- connect people,

- support those affected by head and neck cance

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The petition was launched in the later part of 2019 by Diana Ayling. The petition acheived over 640 signatures, and was presented to David Seymore, Member of Parliament for Epsom in November 2019. The petition was tabled in Parliament on the same day. The petition was referred to the Health Select Committee. The Committee are seeking a written submission before speaking with Diana Ayling at Parliament.

The Committee is meeting 12 February 2020 and will review the Network's written submission. Th

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Here are some of the media releases from this amazing conference.

Professor Richard Sullivan - A global view of cancer treatment

Richard Sullivan is Professor of Cancer & Global Health at Kings College London (KCL), and is the director of the Institute of Cancer Policy. He qualified in medicine, trained in surgery (urology), and gained his PhD in cell signalling.  Sullivan was clinical director of Cancer Research UK between 1999 and 2008. Following a period at the London School of Economics

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In response to our mission to connect and support people affected by head and neck ccancer we are providing chat.  This creates real-time, fun and easy communication possibilities. The Chat feature allows you to participate in a live chatroom and private chats. The Chat provides you with additional options:

  • Customizable notifications
  • Message counter
  • Ability to create and manage your groups
  • Ability to send files


257466627?profile=RESIZE_710xBy default, your Chat will be enabled, and displayed in the collapsed view in the

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In Sickness and in Health - episode 1

You would think everyone would be eager to talk about it. After all, it kills more New Zealanders than anything else. One out of every three of us develop some form of it during our lifetime. Sixty people a day in this country are told “You have cancer.” And it costs over $800 million of our taxes every year to try and manage it.

But for all that, cancer remains the elephant in the room, despite all the efforts to get people screened and tested and educated

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If you think it is not working for you. It turns out, you are not the only one. 

Here's the problem. If you have an injury due to accident, (including a treatment injury) you are covered by ACC. If you are working at the time, you will be entitled to weekly compensation payments at 80% of your earnings. However, if you have an injury caused by disease, or infection you are dependent on the social welfare system. Not everyone, including people who work, will qualify. There is a significant disad

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