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Patient Story. Skin cancer of head and neck.

John is a member of the Head and Neck Living Well Group run by the Cancer Society's Christchurch Centre. While his cancer is melanoma, the treatments John has experienced are only too familiar to us: radical neck dissection, radiotherapy and skin grafts.

Keytruda is approved for head and neck cancer too but is not yet funded for HNC by the DHBs. 

There is an overlap between skin cancers…

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General Practice Funding Fiasco

Why do some GPs charge so much more than others? It's all to do with a faulty funding formula which both major parties have promised to fix. Looks as if they still don't get it. We asked one of our members, Dr Andrew Miller, to comment. 

How you ever wondered why some general practices charge adults $18 and others charge anywhere from $35-65?. Well it's because the general practices are given different levels of government subsidy based on a historic…

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Mental health has featured this week as political parties made promises to provide funding, and there was suicide prevention day on Sunday.  National Party MP for Tamaki, Simon O'Connor made a mistake when he seemed to equate suicide and euthanasia, which earned him a rebuke from PM Bill…

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Hope for WHNCD

We all want to live in hope. Sometimes hopes for survival are dashed if the cancer has spread too far. Can there be any hope then? Not in the narrow sense of the word maybe but there are still many things we can hope for. We might have years; we might be able to live with the cancer. 

We can hope for good days, for good care, for a chance to make peace with life, to achieve a goal or fulfil a dream. We can hope for those few more good months or years where we can fulfill what we…

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The head and neck cancer patients and carers I met at the Auckland Support Group in 2014 were pretty tough and staunch. I'd attended other support groups where there were tears and tender feelings but the head and neckers were quiet about their feelings and just wanted to learn more about the disease and enjoy the feeling of being silently supported. I don't know why our group is still quite matter of fact in its approach to cancer; maybe it is because we tend to be in an older age group…

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Gillies Hospital: WHNCD Events

Here is another WHNCD event in Auckland next week.

Gillies Hospital, a Southern Cross hospital in Epsom, is having two WHNCD events.

On the day itself, 27 July, they are having a staff red shirt fundraising day.

Prior to that, on 24 July from 6 pm til 8 pm, they are holding a Head and Neck Forum for General Practitioners.

The following topics will be covered

  • Thyroid Ultrasound by Dr John Chaplin
  • Using a Robot for Head and…
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