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We are joining Volunteering Auckland. We plan to have a network of supporters throughout New Zealand to help us live our vision of connecting, supporting and advocating for New Zealanders affected by head and neck cancer.

Volunteering Auckland can help us:

  • Develop volunteer programmes through training, consultancy and support services.
  • Recruit volunteers through their recruitment and referral service.
  • Developing our team by organising seminars, networking forums and events.  Their programmes
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World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2018

The Head and Neck Cancer Support Network is a voluntary organisation. The Network provides connection, support and advocacy for New Zealanders affected by head and neck cancer. At this time of year, we recognise World Head and Neck Cancer Day. #WHNCDay2018  #HNCA #headneckNZ
In 2015 the International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies ­(IFHNOS) proclaimed July 27th as “World Head and Neck Cancer Day.”
The announcement on Sunday, July 27th 2015 kicked off the World Congress
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Please take the survey titled"[2018] New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Survivor's Support Network - Patient+ Annual Survey". Your feedback is important!

51561179?profile=RESIZE_710xEvery year we survey our Patients and their caregivers, and family/whanau. We want to take the temperature of our members and their experience as people affected by head and neck cancer. This year we are inviting you to do this during the week of World Head and Neck Cancer Day. We use the information provided from the annual survey to inform our

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50559313?profile=RESIZE_710xHere is a way you can acknowledge International Head and Neck Cancer Day in a creative way.

The New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Foundation has initiated a  ‘tongues out’ selfie campaign to raise  awareness of Head and Neck Cancer.

More than just a selfie, I’m doing my bit for Head & Neck Cancer Day.

Cancer affects anyone and everyone, whether it be you personally, or a loved one.

Join us  Friday 27 July International Head and Neck Cancer Day by showing us your tongue shot on

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What are you doing for WHNCD?
As WHNCD approaches on 27 July let us know what you’re doing in your local community so we can help promote WHNCD activities and raise awareness of head and neck cancer in New Zealand.

Whether it’s a public screening clinic or an information stall during the week, email the details and we’ll share them with our supporters on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our website.

WHNCD Resources - order now

The Head and Neck Cancer Survivor's Support Network has the following

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The usual tumult in health sector with new government removing targets for treatment and the pending nurse's strike. Something cheery: tips for good health.

Targets. (Does that include Faster Cancer Treatment?) What do you think?



Please sort out the nurses' pay, DHBs!


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How we cope


It’s time to remember”The Swallows” book, Australian Edition, which came out last year. It had two of our stories and an account of our group. Soon a 2019 book will be published in the same vein.

Below are some conclusions drawn by patients as they look back on their head and neck cancer pathway.

“I have good and bad days and some days I have really struggled with my emotions. But then on other days I am filled with happiness and laughter.”

“All I wished for during all these arduous treatments

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Tuesday Health News, 29 May


There's a lot going on in the health world, in New Zealand not all of it good with nurses about to strike unless the latest offer is accepted, Middlemore problems continuing and dental care too expensive for many citizens to afford. We promise we will share good news when it hits the headlines but for today ...

Proposed nurses strike (we support the nurses).


Middlemore resources are so stretched that cancer treatments

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Dear member,

On 12th June, speech languages therapists from across the northern region are meeting with consumer representatives to discuss & draft a care pathway that ensures people with head & neck cancer across Auckland & northland can access the best speech therapy support we can offer, particularly after cancer treatment is finished. We would love to hear from you either in writing or by calling in to this meeting via teleconference. In particular we’d love to hear;
- what worked well for

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Tuesday Health News

Two New Zealand stories about last week's budget and a story from the UK. 



How healthy is the government's Budget boost?

A $3.2 billion dollar investment in health is being seen as a win by many in the sector, but some say the figures aren't what they appear to be.

The funding, which is set out over four years, covers a range of initiatives including increased access to GPs for children and those on low-incomes, a pay rise for community midwives and a big boost to District Health Board fundin

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New Zealand Herald Article

14639563?profile=RESIZE_710xTena koutou,

As you know there is an article in the New Zealand Herald investigating the Head and Neck Cancer service in Auckland. The Network has responded to questions from the NZH. I am enclosing our full statement below.

It is important at this time that no one feels alone or distressed. If anyone is distressed by the media attention or feels they need support, please contact either Maureen or myself. We are here to help patients, their carers, and families/whanau. Contact details are on our

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Tui Talks

14377996?profile=RESIZE_710xOur first Tui Talk will take place on 1 May, 2018 at 8pm. You can attend a Tui Talk by clicking this link https://zoom.us/j/725517148 and following the instructions. 

To talk to and hear us online you will need. A camera attached to your computer, speakers, and a microphone. Don't worry if you don't have all those things. A simple set of phone earbuds will do the trick. You will be able to hear and speak, but we won't be able to see you.

It takes a little practice, so we will have back up suppor

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New support forum


14369577?profile=RESIZE_710xWe have updated our forum. Because 99% of our discussion is in our closed Facebook group, the forum has never really taken off apart from with a very small number of people, mainly committee members. Some of us are experienced users of online cancer forums like the Oral Cancer Foundation and Mayo Clinic Connect but we have reluctantly* conceded that Facebook is easier for a start-up group. Discussions are shifting from the old forums to the closed Facebook groups across the world I believe. 


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14334759?profile=RESIZE_710xAs part of our commitment to continuous improvement for our Head and Neck Cancer Survivors' Support Network, we want to know how you think we are doing. We have a survey available here to capture your thoughts and ideas.

Your needs, and aspirations for the Network are important to us. We need you to help us design the strategy and provide the service which best connect, support and advocates for people affected by head and neck cancer. When providing your feedback be sure to include the ideas of

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Open Survey Results

The Network Open Survey opened for patient, carer, & family/whanau feedback on 3 March 2018. To date 19 people completed the survey.  This question asks patients+ to give their opinion as to how satisfied they are with various aspects of the head and neck cancer service in New Zealand. The questions are based on the requirements of the National Standards for Head and Neck Cancer 2013 (Draft).These percentages are the total of patients+ who reported they were satisfied or highly satisfied with
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2147884?profile=RESIZE_480x480We are aware that many of our folk are having problems with their service providers. We do not have access to the Patient Feedback data collected by the District Health Boards.  So we are going to collect our own information so that we know how well the Head and Neck Cancer service is doing in New Zealand.

We need you to help us by regularly providing feedback on our Open Survey - Patient+ Feedback. We are really keen to hear from your family/whanau and carers. They may see things a little bit

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Connect with Whats App


We are bringing a new channel of communication to the Head and Neck Cancer Survivors' Support Network. We know there are some folk who do not use Facebook,https://www.facebook.com/groups/HNCSupport.Aotearoa/ and they are unlikely to become members of our website. http://headandneck.org.nz/. So we are starting to use Whats App, a phone not Internet based tool, to share information and connect people. 

Our Whats App is HeadNeckNZ. You are all welcome to join. We will share our information and w

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Please share your thoughts on your recent treatment experience. This can be at any stage of your cancer journey, pre treatment, treatment, post treatment, and survivorship. 

You can take our survey as many times as you like, and we encourage you to have your family/whanau and carers share their thoughts as well. Click the link to share your thoughts.




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