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Auckland Review - Update December 2017

The Auckland/Northland review of regional head and neck services was completed this year. The Working Group was disestablished and a new Oversight Group established. The first meeting of the Oversight Group was held last week.

If you have not yet read the report you can do so here., and if you would like to provide feedback you can do so here here.

Alisa Clare, Chief Executive of the Auckland District Health Board, launched the new group. She outlined the Chief Executives/Chief Medical Officer

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Auckland/Northland Head and Neck Service Review


A review of the provision of Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) services in the Northern region (Auckland/Northland) was commissioned by the Cancer Board and the Service Review Group, with the outputs to be presented to the Regional Executives Forum. The terms of reference for the review are included in Appendix 1 of the report but by way of summary the review objectives were to: 

 Review current service delivery provision arrangements for Head and Neck Cancer, identifying the strengths and issues w

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Health News Roundup 14/11/2017

2147629?profile=RESIZE_320x320A smart device for the hearing impaired.  An iPhone or iPad can connect directly to a cochlear implant,  Good news for the increased number of people who will be getting cochlear implants after the additional funding announced in the build-up to the election.


Waitemata DHB are trialling a new computer system to predict needs for patients who have had strokes.  It's a collaboration

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2147524?profile=RESIZE_180x180The CEO of the Waikato DHB has resigned.  An interesting saga involving excessive expenses.  He had been under investigation.


Some people are blaming the Chairman of the DHB and think he should step down over the appointment.


Ian Powell, the executive director of As

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DHBs Under Pressure Tuesday Health News

2147451?profile=RESIZE_320x320The ODT has a number of articles about the prostate cancer issue at the Southern DHB.

Did delays shorten lives or not?


Whatever your answer to the question commissioner Kathy Grant won't step down over it.


Perhaps they would have done better if they had been given the results of a review.


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Tuesday Health News

A outbreak of paratyphoid fever in Hawke's Bay is being blamed on mussels gathered at Napier Marina and served at a tangi.  Signs saying not to gather seafood are there for a reason.


High GP costs in Wellington are being blamed for a large number of ED visits over winter.  It's won't only be confined to Wellington.  Time something was done to reform GP pricing and ensure that

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Tuesday Health News

2147505?profile=RESIZE_320x320The troubled Southern DHB has appointed new managers to replace others who have left.


From the south we also here of a woman who had needed bowel surgery for some time eventually being treated after an ED admission.  It's a worry when people do not get treated until it becomes an emergency.


More delays where a Whanganui

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2147442?profile=RESIZE_320x320Mental health has featured this week as political parties made promises to provide funding, and there was suicide prevention day on Sunday.  National Party MP for Tamaki, Simon O'Connor made a mistake when he seemed to equate suicide and euthanasia, which earned him a rebuke from PM Bill English.

There was an illustration of the extent of the  problem of suicide where pairs of shoes demonstrate  problem. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/96686909/606-pairs-of-shoes-arrive-at-parliament-as-

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Tuesday Health News

2147399?profile=RESIZE_320x320The round of health handouts in the run-up to the election has slowed this week as the parties move on to other issues.  But there has been talk from most sides about training more GPs and rural doctors.  Depending on who is speaking this may mean a new medical school in the Waikato or increased capacity at existing medical schools. 


There's a story about Taranaki DHB being under pressure.  An example

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Elections and Health Funding Tuesday News

We are getting into the election campaign and some days it sounds as if the  parties are auditioning for "Annie Get Your Gun" with a rousing chorus of "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better". 2147354?profile=RESIZE_320x320

The National Party are going to build a new hospital in Dunedin, although the message was somewhat obscured by a protest over equal pay.  It will cost over a billion dollars and be completed in 7-10 years, possibly using a public/private partnership.


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First let's start with a good news story about Christine Brown who has had major facial reconstructive surgery. Her story shows the skills that exists in our hospitals. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/95838376/husband-stoked-with-wifes-face-reconstruction

Friday brought us a story about a young lady needing cochlear implants and being told there were no funds for her to have them.  The hospital don't deny that she needs surgery, but she is one of maybe 200 people who could benefit and there

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The head and neck cancer patients and carers I met at the Auckland Support Group in 2014 were pretty tough and staunch. I'd attended other support groups where there were tears and tender feelings but the head and neckers were quiet about their feelings and just wanted to learn more about the disease and enjoy the feeling of being silently supported. I don't know why our group is still quite matter of fact in its approach to cancer; maybe it is because we tend to be in an older age group where w

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Gillies Hospital: WHNCD Events

Here is another WHNCD event in Auckland next week.

Gillies Hospital, a Southern Cross hospital in Epsom, is having two WHNCD events.

On the day itself, 27 July, they are having a staff red shirt fundraising day.

Prior to that, on 24 July from 6 pm til 8 pm, they are holding a Head and Neck Forum for General Practitioners.

The following topics will be covered

  • Thyroid Ultrasound by Dr John Chaplin
  • Using a Robot for Head and Neck Surgery by Dr Andrew Cho 
  • Sialendoscopy by Dr Francis Hall
  • Thyroid F
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Fundraising Campaign

2147263?profile=RESIZE_320x320We are using World Head and Neck Cancer Day as a chance to carry out our annual fundraising for stationery, the website and patient care packs.

The care packs are designed to make new patients aware that they don't have to face head and neck cancer alone.

Contents may vary but currently we have cosy Norsewear socks, a notebook, leaflet, pen, business card and an awareness ribbon.

We are hoping to have Norsewear make sock with our own design in the future.

Any donation, large or small is welc

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