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Weekly Wednesday 7 August 2019

This week we share the news of 12 new cancer-fighting radiation machines, more funding for immunotherapy research, interesting news about the HPV vaccine, and finally, Judy Kirchmeirer tells her story of 10 years of cancer. 

Government's cancer response: PM Jacinda Ardern unveils 12 new cancer-fighting radiation machines…

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Weekly Wednesday 15 July 2019

This week it was hard to find any head and neck cancer news at all! Maybe everyone is enjoying the break. We did find some interesting research into why not many Kiwis participate in clinical trials, a really interesting range of services at the Mayo Clinic, and a new head and neck cancer vaccine goes to trials.

Why are so few Kiwi cancer patients in clinical…

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This week we share with you the progress of Blair Vining's petition for the establishment of a national cancer agency with oversight for care throughout the country. There is a new single shot that could help with complex head and neck cancer, and will less side effects. And finally, there are problems in delays at Counties Manukau District Health Board. If you are affected please contact the Network or the author of the…

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