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Weds Weekly (29)

Let there be light: Weds Weekly

Another Weekly Wednesday round-up from one of our members. The video below is from a site that explains the near infrared photoimmunotherapy trial mentioned in the first article. 

While immunotherapy drugs and robotic surgery advances tend to dominate the new treatment spotlight there is much…

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Post treatment problems? Weds Weekly

Wednesday Weekly is a collection of recent stories about head and neck cancer from Google Alert, compiled and introduced by one of our members. 

Couple of stories this week about life after diagnosis and treatment – even if successful it’s not all roses.

Lead story suggests…

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There are a range of cancer treatments with mix and match combinations usually the approach of the day. Understanding how they work however is a challenge for the layman though the lead story this week offers a pretty good and accessible explanation for immunotherapy.

That’s followed by a few…

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