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It’s hard to make sense of all the cancer research out there: a phantasmagoria of hopeful reports full of scientific jargon. Some themes come through: how scientists might be able to tackle cancer at its very heart inside our genes and the way our immune system can be switched on to recognise cancer cells and attack them. And then there are the superfoods that might contain cancer-fighting properties. The latest: the red onion.

 (Note: The usual…

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The disfiguring effects of treatment are well known to many patients who have been through it - scarring, missing teeth, muscle wastage and more. The story below however does suggest some help with one of the common effects - lymphedema - could be on the way.

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The Prince from Cinderella must have had a serious foot fetish to not remember any other discernible characteristic about her or maybe the only difference between passion and…

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If there is any overall message to take from trawling through the libraries of news stories about head and neck cancer it is that a lot of people in a lot of countries are working on the most effective forms of treatment. That can range from drug treatment to robotic surgery and more, supporting the patient during and following treatment is another issue and one that groups like this network are constantly advocating for.

Meanwhile consider; Everything in the universe is either a…

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