Friday was an easier start as we knew the format and layout ….. old hands we greeted each other like long lost family – we are united now. in this together …. Mostly health professionals but some big absences noted.
The first session was Rami Rahal from CPAC (Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Canada). He spoke on improving outcomes through evidence-based policy and performance measurements. – OMG – fantastic work. He admits that currently we do better in involving our indigenous people which they do not. 
Dr John McMenamin (GP and Primary Care Adviser) followed with a talk on “Realising the potential in primary care.”
Dr Fatima Cardoso spoke to the Conference about the work that ESMO is doing and how it is useful for all cancers. It is currently use for advanced breast cancer.
Our first session after morning tea was an interesting talk on Palliative and Supportive Care. Dr Jonathan Adler from Capital and Coast DHB spoke. He explained how palliative plan should come in much earlier than it was doing. He understood that a talk of palliative care was really disturbing for patients. That Supportive Care model should be used more often. Generally, in New Zealand we do this well. It is especially difficult for people in the regions.
Dr Shaun Costello of Southern Cancer Network spoke on Radiation Oncology in NZ. He explained the variations in care. He indicated some of the ideas that will come about in the future.
Dr Chris Jackson of Cancer Society spoke on the changing face and changing pace of cancer care in the clinic.
Drs Jane O’Hallahan (National Screening Unit MoH)and Caroline Shaw (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington) talked about Screening.
After lunch we had Rapid Fire Presentations from Dr Sandar Tin Tin (University of Auckland. His topic was Genotype testing and targeted therapy in lung cancer.
Dr Scott McFarlane (National Child Cancer Network & Starship Childrens Hospital). He spoke about shared care is fair care. He explained that our national model for child cancer services delivers equitable and high quality care. It is his belief that the model of hubs of excellence works and is proven.
Finally, Simon Pointer (Southern Cancer Network). He spoke about Faster cancer treatment . The pathway entry, ED presentations and routes to diagnosis.

Thank you Heather for such a great summary.

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  • There was a sense at the conference of being part of a group driven to achieve a plan however it saddens me that we came away without something definitive.  I know there is more work being done in the back ground but it almost feels like a lost opportunity :( .

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