DHBs Under Pressure Tuesday Health News

The ODT has a number of articles about the prostate cancer issue at the Southern DHB.

Did delays shorten lives or not?

Whatever your answer to the question commissioner Kathy Grant won't step down over it.

Perhaps they would have done better if they had been given the results of a review.

But they will work weekends to catch up.

It appears that someone knew last year about the delays.


3100 ophthalmology patients are overdue for a follow-up.  Will they expect ophthalmology to work weekends too?

In South Auckland: 

A letter was leaked from Counties Manukau DHB which says some staff will be offered an opportunity for voluntary redundancy.

This appears to be a restructuring move and has been described as 'complete bonkers'

The leak took staff by surprise.

The Chief Executive says that they need more of everything, doctors. nurses, other staff, but mainly money.

Waikato DHB has failed doctor training accreditation, but is allowed to keep on while it tries to fix issues.

Also from Waikato, issues over the virtual health app. It appears to have been badly thought out.

Computer systems have a habit of going over time and over budget,  This one is a great idea.  But something that a single DHB should perhaps not be funding.   A lot of money goes into developing something like this and often the payback period is a number of years.

The NZMA have announced the shortlist for the inaugural New Zealand Medical Teaching Award. Your totally impartial commentator is delighted that one is her GP Helen Pike.

Go Helen!!!!!!!

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