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This week one of our members Alan Evans (82) passed away 8 June 2017. Alan and his wife, Marlene, were two of the first people I met at the Auckland Support Group. They were regular attenders prior to Alan's advancing illness. Alan was unable to speak. Despite that he enjoyed the group. Marlene was his voice, and their close and warm relationship was obvious to us all. We will miss Alan. We hope to see Marlene again soon. 


Questionnaire Results

As you know, we recently completed a survey of people affected by head and neck cancer in New Zealand. (Patients+) One of our key questions concerned "Satisfaction" with the service. This is an important question, as it tells us what you think about the service in terms of your expectations, and experiences. The question asked participants to rate their experiences out of 10. As you can see in the graph below, overall Patients+ are dissatisfied with the service. Not one of the focus areas scored over 5 points on the scale. This gives us as a Network plenty to think about. We need to focus on working with all parties to improve satisfaction with the service. We will continue to gather data on an annual basis to monitor progress.

Election 2017

For all of us in New Zealand affected by the public health system, a new organisation is forming to increase the volume of the patient perspective in healthcare. Patient Voice for Aotearoa, is a newly forming organisation, which will highlight health issues to all political parties in the upcoming election. We will post media releases and other information as they come to hand. We believe the HNCSS Network, has much to gain from aligning with a nationwide collaboration. 

World Head and Neck Cancer Day:

Planning is well underway. Aucklanders, and those further afield, please keep the evening of 27 July free. We are holding a public lecture evening. We hope to bring our community together, patients, family, friends, and health professionals for an evening of hope and fun. We plan to video the speakers to ensure everyone can learn from the evening. We will have head and neck cancer ribbons available. If you wish to order before the event, please email us $1 each. 

Auckland Service Review

For Aucklanders and Northlanders, I can report that the Auckland Review has concluded. A report will be prepared for the Service Review Group, who commissioned the project. We will report on the key recommendations in the near future.

Welcome to our new members: Brenda ShawJohn Charles AndersonHeather Marie JonesCaroline LeakeyMarie JardineRenee TaylorDenise VeyVodaSheryl Kurte, and Mary Beth Mitchell. We welcome you all to our Network. Please take a look around our site and make yourselves at home.

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This is my summary of a talk by Professor Bill Wilson of the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre. Entitled Cancer, Hype versus Hope, it was given at the May meeting of the U3A Hibiscus Coast. Professor Wilson is speaking at the evening lecture on World Head and Neck Cancer Day at Domain Lodge. You can learn more about his research on the centre’s…

"Scanxiety": Tuesday Contributor

“Scanxiety” is a big part of the head and neck cancer experience. I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to Kathryn’s words. 

Birds of the Year : Friendly Friday

We don’t have lions and tigers, kangaroos and koala bears in New Zealand, but we do have a collection of unique birds. The handsome, quarrelsome tui might be our emblem but lots of our other birds have strong personalities too.

We look forward to seeing many of you of World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2017. 

Kind regards,

Diana Ayling


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