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Skills, Funding and Peanuts Tuesday Health News

First let's start with a good news story about Christine Brown who has had major facial reconstructive surgery. Her story shows the skills that exists in our hospitals. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/95838376/husband-stoked-with-wifes-face-reconstruction

Friday brought us a story about a young lady needing cochlear implants and being told there were no funds for her to have them.  The hospital don't deny that she needs surgery, but she is one of maybe 200 people who could benefit and there is very limited funding available.


The New Zealand Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery recognise this as life changing surgery and have issued a statement calling for more funding. 


 To me this is false economy.  This surgery prevents the need for ongoing expensive support, and enables people to stay active in the community.  Deafness is a very isolating condition.

Inequalities happen when the total funding is insufficient.  We don't want to see money wasted in healthcare, and we need smart systems to ensure the best use of funds, but let's make sure that people get the care they need.

And finally for something completely different, a breakthrough in treating peanut allergies for many people.


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  • Great collections of stories. I agree about the false economy of leaving conditions to get worse and people unable to function. 

    • Deafness is a life-limiting condition,  if you have the technology to keep people functioning in society why wouldn't you?

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