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 Bursting the bubble of acceptance.  No one is speaking for patients in the health system therefore you must, for the future patients.  If you believe, or even think there is some mysterious person who represents patients (or carers) interests in the Government then you are wrong.  Stand up and tell your story.  No stand up = no change.  No change makes monkeys of us all, lab monkeys.

My partner (Mr Keith Hindson) was not informed (by any medical professional at Wanganui DHB (WDHB)) that he had tongue cancer.  We were informed that he was to attend a dental panel in Palmerston North hospital, we later discovered that the 'specialist' at WDHB (P N Liston) had known for almost 2 years that there was a problem and had performed, what he referred to as 3 biopsies, the first was but the following 2 were excision biopsies.  No patient right to anything there.  When we were forced to have copies of my partner’s medical file we discovered that the 'specialist' had already informed the 'dental panel' that the patient had invasive tongue cancer.  This 'specialist never, ever told Mr Hindson that he had cancer, even although it was his primary question at every consultation over the clinics fro November 2011 till December 2013.  The delivery of the cancer diagnosis was left to the MidCentral cancer team, in particular Professor Swee Tan.

The HDC did prosecute the 'specialist' (to a degree) but he might as well have had a holiday instead as he received no penalty of any significance from the Tribunal.  He was not sanctioned for his actions - or non-actions, depending on your interpretation of events.  The Tribunal chair (Mr Carden) commented at the end of the hearing (quote) "when the appeal is ready, there will be an appeal ?", to which the QC (Mr Waalkens) replied (quote) a smile !   There is only one legal mind who has been able to give a modicum of justice (and I do mean a microscopic modicum) in the case against P N Liston, and that is the judge who denied his appeal for fines to be wiped.  Thank you to Justice Karen Clark for a sensible decision, and thank you for being the only legal mind who pointed out that this was a double whammy.  Not only did P N Liston make a non diagnosis once (after surgery in February 2012) but he did it again (after surgery in August 2012) then sent his patient to a panel of cancer experts but told his patient they were dentists !!!

P N Liston needs to stand up and be counted, not delivered back to his torture chamber, hetongue BEFORE the patient  claims he did not understand the histology reports from the pathologist.  really ?  Then why is there a letter on file that he wrote to the oncology department at Palmerston North requesting that they consider removing half or all of the patients tongue due to a cancerous tumour ?  It's unfair that this was not brought up at the Tribunal.  It is also unfair that the Tribunal were not shown the letter from Prof Swee Tan describing the patients obvious (quote) "exquisit pain" ?  Incidentally none of the fines were for the patient.  $5,000.00 was doe the DCNC to retrain him.  The HDC clamed $21,000.00 - a reduced cost to pay for the HDC's prosecution department of only 30% but who pays the other 70% - most probably you do, as a tax payer.

The assistant dentist (Ms Dewson) needs to stand up and be counted along with the CNC (Ms Thornton) who also needs to stand up and be counted.  These two exchanged emails regarding the cancer patient for about a year, they knew he was a cancer patient but nobody thought it was their job to mention this to him.  Not my job is the attitude.  Not my job ?  What about the life of a patient ?  The CNC has not delivered on her primary function, to lead a patient through their cancer journey.  She did not become involved in the case until she was prodded into action by the Social Workers at Hutt when Mr Hindson had his surgery under prof Tan's Team, who endeavoured to correct the 'botch up' performed by P N Liston, who, incidentally, professes to have the right to use the postnominals FDSRCS, these are of the Royal College of Surgeons, London ( RCS) he has been asked by them to cease using them and to return his diploma.  The DCNZ know about the non-use request from the RCS of the postnominals FDSRCS, yet they still officially allow him to use the postnominals on their website and therefore they have sanctioned his misuse of the postnominals against the wishes of the RCS - how can this be allowed ???

The WDHB have never taken our complaint seriously and have ceased communication on any further email, complaint, communication, etc.  Is this what the health service does to patients who have been wronged, mistreated, maimed, etc by them ?  Are we all just lab rats ?  Guinea pigs for their entertainment ?  The WDHB are a disgrace and sorry does not make it all go away.  They even refuse to publish any of this on their website as it would be 'counterproductive' - they really mean it's bad PR and they have to 'save face' on all levels.  Most especially after the bullying, suicide, 'accidents' and general mismanage meted out by the past CEO Ms Patterson and the white washing of the facts she covered up - most especially the bullying and deaths.  They did not report Mr Hindson's case to the HQSC for 5 years, and only due to pressure and a demand of the release of documents under OIA was instigated.  The WDHB need to stand up and be counted, face up to the fact that they tried to whitewash the incident and cover it up.

What I want to see happen with medical professionals is that they must either be fully qualified or be retrained when they practice in NZ.  This is not what happens at present and nothing less than this will be productive.  Half trained medical professionals are not what the NZ citizen deserves.  Give us the rights we have been promised in the charter as we do not have those rights at present.  We are given lip service and it is not good enough.

 DCNZ prosecution details on the DCNZ website, search using - The full HDC decision and mismanagement of the case can be found on the HDC website, search using - HDC code for above case : 14DC00828 Full decision PDF 581kb Case note DDF 261 kb An appeal against the fine imposed by the Tribunal was made but dismissed by the High Court, Liston also had tried to 'gag' the press but this was also dismissed by the High Court, these are the links to the judgments: [1] LISTON v THE DIRECTOR OF PROCEEDINGS [2018] NZHC 1615 [3 July 2018] [2] LISTON v THE DIRECTOR OF PROCEEDINGS [2018] NZHC 1515 [22 June 2018] Posted by G M Rigg on December 3, 2018 at 12:35pm in Investigator Wanganui DHB have just made a report to the HQSC on the 19th of November 2018 regarding an "incident" that happened on 27th of February 2013, and, if you read the HQSC guidelines on SCA 1 & 2 reportable events you will see that it should have been reported within 15 working days and a review completed within 70 working days. Not a timely manner by any means, but this information was witheld by Wanganui DHB until and official Information (OIA) Act request was made, therefore, one can only assume that the information would never have been disclosed if it was not OIA'd. Or do you see another scenario that is plausible ?

If you have a bad experience then complain, it's no good just accepting that nothing can make things right again, if that was how we all thought then we might as well just go back to the dark ages.


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