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GP's plea to parents: save your kids from disfiguring cancer

Cases of head and neck cancer are increasing at a faster rate than other cancers, yet a cure for one of the causes is being turned down too often, according to Whangarei doctor Andrew Miller.

In younger patients especially, HPV infection has recently emerged as an important cause of what can be a disfiguring disease.

HPV immunisation, which is funded for everyone aged between the ages of 9 and 26 - eliminates that risk, as well as the risk of cervical, anal cancer, vaginal cancer, & vulvar cancer.

Dr Andrew Miller is a GP and works for Northland DHB as a Sexual Health Medical Officer.

He is also recovering from stage 4 HPV related head and neck cancer. He describes his type of cancer as particularly awful, as it can often result in facial reconstruction with a complex series of treatment and recovery.

He tells Lynn Freeman that immunisation is a 'no brainer'.

Listen here.

How many children are missing out on HPV vaccine?

Listen to the Minister of Health on Nine to Noon.


The Project talks to Dr Lance O'Sullivan about HPV vaccination

Watch here

Health bungle: Patients left off surgical waiting lists

People needing surgery were mistakenly left off waiting lists at one of the country's biggest DHBs - an oversight only discovered when one of them queried their case.

Forty-four Auckland Hospital patients were caught up in the error, the Herald can reveal.

Auckland DHB only realised there was a problem when one of the affected patients contacted them about their Read more....


Multi-Flap Head and Neck Surgery: It's Complicated

Need for individualized assessment, discussion emphasized by meta-analysis

Multi-flap reconstruction after surgery for head and neck cancer led to "modest" functional and aesthetic improvement and high complication rates and costs, a meta-analysis of 24 published studies showed.

Substantial proportions of patients remained partly or fully dependent on feeding tubes at follow-up, had poor oral competence associated with drooling, or unintelligible speech. A subgroup of evaluable patients had a mean hospital length of stay exceeding 3 weeks, and more than 70% of evaluable patients had minor or major complications.

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