Seniors Need Vaccinations Too


Adults should be vaccinated against cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV) to save ‘thousands’ more lives, said a UK expert.

According to a article on September 28, 2019, cancer scientists say ‘evidence is now emerging that giving the jab to those who already harbor HPV could protect them as well,’ per Margaret Stanley of Cambridge University, president of the International Papilloma Virus Society. Read more here....

Cancer medicines need to be part of the plan


Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition is extremely disappointed to read that access to cancer medicines does not appear to be a priority for New Zealand’s new cancer control agency according to its national director, Diana Sarfati, in a recent interview.

‘The new cancer agency represents a great opportunity to improve cancer care and outcomes, and it should have people at its heart’, says BCAC Chair Libby Burgess. ‘We are hoping that it will be an inclusive organisation that values the wisdom and contributions of New Zealanders with lived experience of cancer’.


Deborah Schobel: Are there silver linings to long term cancer survivorship?


Deborah writes.... My personal favorite side effect of living longer as a “cancer survivor” is that you live longer than you would have if cancer had ended your life. Simply put: you end up having to deal with a lot of things that you would not have had to deal with if you were no longer here. This has both challenges (stormy weather clouds) and benefits (silver cloud linings). The longer anyone is alive, the more life they experience. Aging does have benefits (being present to experience positive times and opportunities) but it also brings some unwanted life experiences, and having survived cancer does not grant anyone immunity from them. Sometimes it helps to remember that in this case, the challenges of an aging body are a benefit of long term survivorship! Perspective is the key. One definite silver lining of survivorship is that cancer survivors usually develop a new appreciation for health and often seek ways to improve their own. Read more here....


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