I am very impressed by the recent Make Sense Campaign run by the European Head and Neck Cancer society (EHNS). 

Here is an infographic they put out in September for the European Head and Neck Cancer Week.

(I used Docufreezer to convert the graphics below from PDF form so that you could see them without having to click.)

The Make Sense campaign is one of a series of head and neck cancer awareness movements that have taken place in the world this year. They are all using social media to advertise their causes and its through social media that we became aware of them or reinforced our connection. Here is another interesting graphic from Make Sense. You can see these in their original PDF form together with other top notch resources on their webpage. https://www.ehns.org/site/

Together with the Swallows Charity in the UK and Beyond Five in Australia they are doing a sterling job of publicizing the warning signs of head and neck cancer and advocating for prevention and better treatment.

Swallows is a patient-led charity, like ours, but much bigger,  while Beyond Five and Make Sense are, or are part of, organisations run by medical experts. All of them make plentiful use of infographics, something we are emulating in our group by using committee member Olwen Williams’ skills.

You can see Olwen's infographics on this website under Printables. She can make graphics to order. This is a work in progress, started for WHNCD 2017 in July and undergoing constant improvement. 

The Swallows group has also produced some graphics which have inspired us but which your Investigator cannot find right now. Here is a photo of their banner with World Head and Neck Cancer Ambassador, Chris Curtis, on the right.  You can see our beautiful banner under About Us/Photos on this website. 

Beyond Five is famous for it's very clear and informative 3D animations of head and neck cancer anatomy. Do have a look at their website, if you find it hard to understand medical terms and procedures. They make it very clear.  https://www.beyondfive.org.au/

The patient-led group called Head and Neck Cancer Support Australia made an Australian patients' book which also contains New Zealand stories. Chris Curtis from the UK, above, pioneered the book, while Marty Doyle from Brisbane and Julie McCrossin from Sydney compiled the Australian version. Links Healthcare printed the book and recently sent us another 270 copies so that many new patients in New Zealand can receive them in a patient care pack. Here is a picture of the boxes delivered to my place last week: a welcome bounty. 

It used to be a lonely road that was walked by  head and neck cancer patients and their carers, especially if they had ongoing issues after treatment. But now there is a worldwide movement to connect us all and allow us to support each other and learn from each other. 


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Diana Ayling

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