Wanganui DHB have just made a report to the HQSC on the 19th of November 2018 regarding an "incident" that happened on 27th of February 2013, and, if you read the HQSC guidelines on SCA 1 & 2 reportable events you will see that it should have been reported within 15 working days and a review completed within 70 working days.  Not a timely manner by any means, but this information was witheld by Wanganui DHB until and official Information (OIA) Act request was made, therefore, one can only assume that the information would never have been disclosed if it was not OIA'd.  Or do you see another scenario that is plausable ?

Page 7 from above document.

Adverse event
An event with negative or unfavourable reactions or results that are unintended, unexpected or
unplanned13 (also referred to as ‘incident’ or ‘reportable event’). In practice this is most often
understood as an event which results in harm or has the potential to result in harm to a consumer.
Adverse event brief
This is the two-part form used to transmit information about adverse events and near misses to the
Health Quality & Safety Commission.14
Part A of the adverse event brief is used to communicate the nature of the event. It must be sent to the
Health Quality & Safety Commission within 15 working days of notification of the event to the provider.
Part A is also used to transmit urgent information (alerts) to the Commission.
Part B of the adverse event brief is used to provide a summary of the review findings and
recommendations related to the adverse event or near miss. It must be sent to the Health Quality &
Safety Commission within 70 working days of notification of the event to the provider.

The HQSC The Health & Quality Safety Commission – sounds powerful, potent even, but they have no actual powers at all as their function seems to be to gather data, write reports, statistical stuff, etc for the Ministry of Health.  Insane as it sounds it also seeems that it is voluntary.  So, was your case a  reportable one for the HQSC ?  Was it lodged with the HQSC ?

Well, once again, if you do not make the effort to find out what your rights are then you will never know as this information is not easily winkled out of those who should be guiding patients (or consumers as they are referred to by HQSC), and I ask you this - if we are consumers then why is this not coverered under the consumers rights ?


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  • Patients, their family/whanau should be given the opportunity to comment on the adverse event, and those comments included in the report. 

    Adverse events should be recorded on your medical file, with a statement that the event was reported and you were given the opportunity to comment. 


    • Wanganui DHB have now cut off all communication with us - patient care my butt !

    • In answer to your question, no, we were not given any opportunity to comment (and have still not been given that opportunity) because the hospital did not tell us anything at all and the metaphoric doors were closed as soon as we made complaints to the ACC and the HDC.

      Don't you find it convenient that none of the many authorites (such as ACC, HDC, etc) have not picked up on the missing paperwork that should have been included in the medical file ?  I find it convenient.  Too convenient.  The Hospital says 'oops, we forgot, never mind, we'll just do it now shall we ?'.  The only reason this paperwork was eventually sent to the HQSC is because we sent an OIA request for a copy of the paperwork.  There is no other reason for the hospital to have felt it necessary for them to file the paperwork at this point in time.

      I will say this one more time.  If you are not informed of your rights then you cannot claim your rights.  Knowledge is the only power you have against bullies, and that is what I consider the Wanganui hospital to be, big bullies picking on little patients.  It's the medical Mafia at it's worst possible level of power over patients.

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