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It’s time to remember”The Swallows” book, Australian Edition, which came out last year. It had two of our stories and an account of our group. Soon a 2019 book will be published in the same vein.

Below are some conclusions drawn by patients as they look back on their head and neck cancer pathway.

“I have good and bad days and some days I have really struggled with my emotions. But then on other days I am filled with happiness and laughter.”

“All I wished for during all these arduous treatments and countless appointments with various medical and allied health practitioners was an end to the journey and a return to work and normal living.”

For me this journey started in 2010 and continues to this date with ups and downs, good days and bad days.
Days when I can’t even get my head off the pillow due to pain, or just exhaustion. On those days, I say to myself, “You’re alive, so just get up and smell the coffee!”

“I seem to be more emotionally vulnerable since cancer.”

“The nursing team’s methodology was inspiring and despite my anger, frustration and disillusionment during the treatment phase, I felt reassured while I was at the hospital and in their care. Post treatment I realized the monumental challenge that confronted the nurses. These individuals deal with very ill and often emotionally traumatized patients and their carers on a daily basis,”

Once I made peace with the fact that if you haven't lost your sense of smell you couldn't possibly understand what it means to lose it and insensitive comments are not deliberate. I stopped being so angry with the world and moved on.”

“I believe you must remain positive to enjoy your family and friends, because they are only human and they can only tolerate so much negativity.”

Wise words here from head and neckers as they try to draw some positive conclusions from an awful experience.

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