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Network News - Monday 27 November 2017

Ata marie whanau,

Kia ora whanau,

The Auckland Review of Head and Neck Services

None of us are mind readers. And, this I know is true, I cannot see the future. So for the Network to accurately represent your interests in treatment, care and support, we need your help. Please read the report from the Auckland Review of…

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Anne Tolley10 MAY, 2017

Easier process for clients with cancer diagnosis Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says Jobseeker Support clients with a cancer diagnosis no longer need to provide multiple medical certificates. “I asked MSD to work with the Cancer Society to help simplify the process for clients with a cancer diagnosis,” says Mrs Tolley. “

Previously clients had to provide multiple medical certificates to defer work obligations which was burdensome…

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I recently have found myself engaging with a number of people about the mental impact that a cancer diagnosis has had on their lives. There are so many different phases that most people experience from the time of receiving the news to and through treatments that may last for years or the rest of a person’s life. However, cancer treatment is usually focused solely on the physical aspects of getting rid of the cancer, if possible, and keeping it from returning. And while the physical effects of…
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Wednesday Weekly - 21 December 2016

For cancer survivors Christmas can offer nearly as many challenges as moments of joy. Personally I find being unable to share the Christmas meal in any real sense considerably isolating, but a glass or two of wine (which I can happily swallow) generally helps. Before looking through this week’s news selection here’s a collection of random thoughts on the festive theme: And I’ll see you in the new year.
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