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Carer, caregiver, support person … when someone you love has head and neck cancer, it affects you too.

Research has shown that looking after the carer improves the outcome for the patient. Some patients say it is harder to be the onlooker than to be the one suffering the disease.

Interestingly, the famous Swallows book is for "Patients, carers and family members". You can’t live in a house with someone who is getting over rigorous treatments or coping with a peg or laryngectomy stoma without

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Some years ago when I was a high school teacher I was forced to fill a gap and teach Media Studies. Boy, did I have to do a lot of study myself! I learnt that one of the key concepts in Media Studies is “representation”. How a group is portrayed in the media has a powerful effect on public perception. For example, if African Americans are usually portrayed as gangsters, that will deepen already existing stereotypes. It will have a subliminal, barely perceptible effect on how people see this

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