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Tuesday Health News

Two New Zealand stories about last week's budget and a story from the UK. 



How healthy is the government's Budget boost?

A $3.2 billion dollar investment in health is being seen as a win by many in the sector, but some say the figures aren't what they appear to be.

The funding, which is set out over four years, covers a range of initiatives including increased access to GPs for children and those on low-incomes, a pay rise for community midwives and a big boost to District Health Board fundin

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New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (Inc) 
Media release

Embargoed until 10am, Thursday 11 May 2017

Fewer DHBs would deliver better health outcomes and value for the taxpayer dollar, says NZIER

“Compared to similar populations, New Zealand has too many DHBs”, says NZIER Principal Economist Todd Krieble.

“We can free up administrative resources and put more into healthcare services as ageing and public expectations intensify. The big problem is a lack of transparency in ad

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Note: this is a preliminary investigation based on a talk with my local GP clinic and lots of googling. There may be inaccuracies which you are free to point out. We will find out more when we get the chance to talk to Procare and other PHOs. I think it is an important issue. 

Important info

  • Primary health is at the community GP level as opposed to tertiary health care in the hospitals. 
  • Primary health organisations (PHOs) are funded by district health boards (DHBs) to ensure the provision of
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