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Path to Diagnosis, Part 1

With WHNCD less than a month away, I am replacing Friendly Friday with stories on aspects of head and neck cancer care. Olwen Williams collected and collated these stories.

Head and  neck cancers have a variety of symptoms and are often not recognised for some time.  Here’s how a number of people were diagnosed. These symptoms include a cough, a sore on the tongue, a swelling on the nose, swallowing problems, blocked sinuses. Other members, not described here, have mentioned unexplained toothach

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I recently have found myself engaging with a number of people about the mental impact that a cancer diagnosis has had on their lives. There are so many different phases that most people experience from the time of receiving the news to and through treatments that may last for years or the rest of a person’s life. However, cancer treatment is usually focused solely on the physical aspects of getting rid of the cancer, if possible, and keeping it from returning. And while the physical effects of c
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Wednesday Weekly - 14 November 2016

Depression and anxiety are common and perfectly reasonable reactions for cancer survivors, but the psychological effects of the disease are possibly less considered than the physical ones. Recently the possibly beneficial effects of treating depression with the long illegal drug psilocybin (found naturally in `magic mushrooms’) has been gathering some interest. Realistically though the chances of the treatment ever becoming legal is slim, especially considering the political reluctance to legal
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