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General Practice Funding Fiasco

Why do some GPs charge so much more than others? It's all to do with a faulty funding formula which both major parties have promised to fix. Looks as if they still don't get it. We asked one of our members, Dr Andrew Miller, to comment. 

How you ever wondered why some general practices charge adults $18 and others charge anywhere from $35-65?. Well it's because the general practices are given different levels of government subsidy based on a historic…

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New Zealanders over 13 need to be dying to qualify for free visits to the GP. Only adults who have a terminal condition receive free or low cost care in many parts of the country.

Primary healthcare is unaffordable for a lot of people, even for elderly patients with ongoing cancer needs. Unless their local clinic qualifies for the Very Low Cost Access Scheme, they will pay through the nose to see a GP, anywhere between $42 to $60.

What is the Very Low Cost Access Scheme? It is…

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Note: this is a preliminary investigation based on a talk with my local GP clinic and lots of googling. There may be inaccuracies which you are free to point out. We will find out more when we get the chance to talk to Procare and other PHOs. I think it is an important issue. 

Important info

  • Primary health is at the community GP…
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