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Monday News, 18 June

Greetings to everyone

Diana is still in Europe so today's news will be brief.

We welcome Tamara, Nick, Marlene and Mary to our network. These are our new June members so far. 

Most of our discussion is on our closed Facebook group, but you can contact us via the…

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$1 Voicebox: Weds Weekly

One more Weds Weekly before the Christmas break from one of our contributors 

Learning to speak after losing a voice box is a challenge for a good number of cancer survivors, but it’s a challenge many times worse in a country like India where the cost of prosthetic voice boxes is prohibitive for many. News then of a low cost breakthrough…

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Stoma Covers

Life after a laryngectomy continued

Laryngectomees make up a small but significant number of our head and neck cancer community. They have to learn how to cope with a new way of breathing and speaking and need specific equipment to replace the voice box and cover the stoma or hole in the…

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Friendly Friday: one of our heroes

Life after a laryngectomy

 In 2007, Mac Redmond’s voice had been getting croakier by the month so he went to his GP who sent him to North Shore Hospital. He was diagnosed with a growth on his voice box. He was in a daze but was “half happy” when he met with a panel of doctors at Auckland Hospital who said they could fix him with radiation. This was unsuccessful so in 2008 he had surgery. The surgery was daunting because he had his throat cut from ear to ear.…

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