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Network News 2 October 2017

Advocacy for people affected by head and neck cancer - "Nothing About Us Without Us!

The Latin phrase is,  Nihil de nobis, sine nobis. The idea; that no policy should be decided by any representative, without the full and direct participation of those affected by that policy. This principle extends to national, local and sector policy making. It gives the opportunity for full participation from service users, consumers, and participants. It is a powerful concept for those often marginalised f

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Network News - 7 August 2017


New Zealand effort outstanding for World Head and Neck Cancer Day

Our WHNC day was a huge success. I am delighted to continue hearing about events, connections, donations, and general fun and camaraderie well after the day. Thank you to all those members, and our community, who gave up their time to raise awareness, education about Head and Neck Cancer. If you missed some of the action you can catch up here. A special ac

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Network News 23 November 2016

Network News

It was a busy week for posts and activity. A big thank you to Dr David Grayson for inviting Maureen and I to Mayo Clinic's Social Media presentation to staff at Waitemata DHB. It was a interesting and thought provoking presentation. We really need to have the conversation around in New Zealand around health care and social media. If any of you would like to add your thoughts please Tweet with hashtag #hcsmnz. It will be good to hear from you. 

We would really like your help to ensur

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