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Network News - Monday 27 November 2017

Ata marie whanau,

Kia ora whanau,

The Auckland Review of Head and Neck Services

None of us are mind readers. And, this I know is true, I cannot see the future. So for the Network to accurately represent your interests in treatment, care and support, we need your help. Please read the report from the Auckland Review of…

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Network News - Monday 13 November 2017

Kia ora whanau,

EPatient Dave Visit

It was a great honour to meet Dave de Bronkhart. Dave was a guest of the Waitemata DHB. He spoke to WDHB as part of the CEO lecture series. He kindly shared his time with a smaller workshop which some of us from the Network attended.

Dave's story is moving and fascinating, as his cancer treatment was recommended not by his health care professionals, but through a online patient discussion board. Dave's treatment…

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Network News 23 November 2016

Network News

It was a busy week for posts and activity. A big thank you to Dr David Grayson for inviting Maureen and I to Mayo Clinic's Social Media presentation to staff at Waitemata DHB. It was a interesting and thought provoking presentation. We really need to have the conversation around in New Zealand around health care and social media. If any of you would like to add your thoughts please Tweet with hashtag #hcsmnz. It will be good to hear from…

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Wednesday Weekly - 23 November 2016

Amid all the  treatment articles in the world’s media there are a few  about or by survivors. The piece below by  American Steve Hendrix is one of the best.

This week’s thought doesn’t have any medical application, but consider …: Scottish Tartans are really just gang colors…

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Friendly Friday - 11 November 2016

Its Friendly Friday and a good chance to introduce ourselves. Our Network has 30 members. 29 are real people and 1 is "Tui Bird" the Network login. "Tui Bird" is manned (wommanned) by Maureen and Diana. We have 10 men and 20 women, counting Tui Bird. We have 14 Aucklanders, 2 Northlanders, 6 South Islanders, and 5 other North Islanders. We have 3 Aussies. (Kia ora mates!). We have 6 Groups for the Cancer Regions of New Zealand. You are welcome to join one and share information and support with…
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Weekly Wednesday - 10 November 2016

Medical professionals are more and more confronted by patients convinced they are suffering from some malady they have researched on the Internet – or demanding a treatment they discovered the same way. While researching a specific ailment is usually beneficial, the professionals almost invariably have better, more thorough and tested sources of information. But ask them questions if your own research throws up an anomaly or idea you think worth pursuing.
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Happy with your treatment experience?

Please share your thoughts on your recent treatment experience. This can be at any stage of your cancer journey, pre treatment, treatment, post treatment, and survivorship. 

You can take our survey as many times as you like, and we encourage you to have your family/whanau and carers share their thoughts as well. Click the link to share your thoughts.



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