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North and South's series on Keytruda

It's worth getting your hands on copies of the last two North and South magazines (Jan/Feb). Veteran journalist Donna Chisholm investigates the latest immunotherpy drugs, Pharmac, and the effect of non-supply of cutting edge drugs on New Zealanders with cancer.

In January's issue, HNC was mentioned. In February's it is more about melanoma and funding formulae. The third part will be in March. North and South does not have an online version but articles are sometimes published on…

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Funding for Keytruda in 2018?

Keytruda, the immunotherapy drug, is expected to be registered in New Zealand this year for head and neck cancer, says a spokesperson from the drug company Merck.

Once it is registered Merck will make a submission to Pharmac for funding.

At the moment, it can be provided in private clinics but like all of these unfunded drugs it is very expensive. Givealittle accounts are often formed so that patients can access a…

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This is a story we published in the blog last year. Still of interest as we struggle to keep up with the rest of the world in our provision of cancer drugs. 

Wow! I have just read Donna Chisholm's feature in the NZ Listener, September 10 -16. Called, "Dying in the Dark", it's about the problems New Zealand oncologists and their patients…

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Happy with your treatment experience?

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You can take our survey as many times as you like, and we encourage you to have your family/whanau and carers share their thoughts as well. Click the link to share your thoughts.



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