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How we cope


It’s time to remember”The Swallows” book, Australian Edition, which came out last year. It had two of our stories and an account of our group. Soon a 2019 book will be published in the same vein.

Below are some conclusions drawn by patients as they look back on their head and neck cancer pathway.

“I have good and bad days and some days I have really struggled with my emotions. But then on other days I am filled with happiness and laughter.”

“All I wished for during all these arduous treatments

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I am very impressed by the recent Make Sense Campaign run by the European Head and Neck Cancer society (EHNS). 

Here is an infographic they put out in September for the European Head and Neck Cancer Week.

(I used Docufreezer to convert the graphics below from PDF form so that you could see them without having to click.)


The Make Sense campaign is one of a series of head and neck cancer awareness movements that have taken place in the world this year. They are all using social media to adv

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