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Network News 18 September, 2017

Responding to patients' post treatment concerns


As I recover from my own surgery, I read the Facebook discussions of our members. One topic that continues to arise, and where patients, carers, and family express dissatisfaction, is the period of time where patients are post treatment. Concerns expressed cover issues of psychological support, dental care and rehabilitation, surveillance of ongoing health and well being, access to services, and clinicians, and the role

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Monday Guest Editorial

This weeks Guest Editor is the Network Chair, Diana Ayling, these are her Notes from Mill Island

Cancer. The very word is intimidating, and strange. What does it actually mean when they tell you, "you have life threatening cancer."? It means you are growing some mutant, and dangerous cells that intend to grow structures which will prevent vital aspects of your bodily functions to continue. So really, from the moment those cancerous cells are detected, you really have your body trying to do two t

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Network News - 7 August 2017


New Zealand effort outstanding for World Head and Neck Cancer Day

Our WHNC day was a huge success. I am delighted to continue hearing about events, connections, donations, and general fun and camaraderie well after the day. Thank you to all those members, and our community, who gave up their time to raise awareness, education about Head and Neck Cancer. If you missed some of the action you can catch up here.http://headandneck.org.nz/news/world-head-and-neck-cancer-day-new-zealand A special ac

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From Auckland, New Zealand. The Head and Neck Cancer Survivors' Support Network, at Waitemata District Health Board's North Shore Hospital.

2147305?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Tammy von Keisenberg read the opening statement. Read more here.


In Australia, Brad Keeling shares his story of throat cancer and HPV. http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2013/01/24/3675792.


Julie McCrossin, launching the Swallows book in Australia, with some kiwi stories. 


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Opening Statement World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2017


Tena koutou,

Kia ora from Auckland, New Zealand.

We, the Head and Neck Cancer Survivor's Support Network are first to recognise World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2017. We welcome all patient groups around the world to connect, support and advocate for those affected by head and neck cancer.

As the day begins we acknowledge the aims of the day - to promote the effective care and control of head and neck cancer.

To do that we can all join togeth

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Network News - 10 July 2017

21st-century.png?versionId=SaK87TZSUO9Puc4tkIvbfNg7k00etz14&width=350Who said this about the New Zealand health system? "We have a world-class health system but third class treatment, and we have the capacity to make a big difference. Not enough people with the greatest need are getting access to our services because we're stuck in a 19th-century view, but it's the 21st century."

Not me, and I do agree. It was Dr Lance O'Sullivan, New Zealander of the year, Far North GP and public health champion. (Evans, 2017)

He went on to say, "I don't think we should be hav

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It often surprises just how many people get a head and neck cancer. I recently discovered a singer/song writer favourite, John Prine, had a cancer back in the 90s and Val Kilmer recently confirmed that he actually did have a cancer this year (after first denying it.) Both survived and are apparently going strong - something the stories below suggest are becoming more of the norm. However, as always, a little skepticism never hurts.


Meanwhile consider;
The best example of the difference between

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Network News - 3 July 2017


Since our last Network News one of our members, Udaya Kovvuru, passed away on 21st June 2017. We met Udaya, and his wife Shoba last year after his surgery. We have followed his journey through our Facebook group. Udaya, was fortunate to have wonderful support from Shoba. She is a wonderfully generous and wise person, sharing their story, and supporting many others. Udaya, had the benefit of hospice care over the last weeks of his life, and we thank everyone for their care and support. Shoba, o

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Wednesday Weekly - 19 April 2017

Progress is being made in NZ in publicising the incidence of head and neck cancers and gaining resources to fight them. Progress still feels slow compared to some other countries though (see stories below) and there’s a long way to go – but the trajectory is definitely upward.

Meanwhile consider: A line of paint on the road holds more authority than I ever will or maybe.  It's been 82 years. Schrödinger's cat is definitely dead by now. Check it out here..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6d

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