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Monday News: 31 July 2017

Next meeting is this Thursday, 3 August, 9.30 at Domain Lodge.

As stated before, we will have Dr Neil Croucher of Oral Health as our main speaker via teleconference. The subject will be the eternal problem of post treatment dental care. Oral medicine specialist Dr Kim Gear will be present at the meeting. 

We will also report back to attendees about World Head and Neck Cancer Day last Thursday and about the patient care packs we hope to provide for newly diagnosed patients on a regular basis. 

Thank you to Waitemata DHB and Dr David Grayson for hosting our stall at North Shore Hospital. The stall was a glorious mix of patients, carers, surgeons, nurses, other hospital staff members and an industry rep - all working together for a good cause. It was our first stall so was a learning experience. Tammy, David G and I set it up and we had a band of volunteers: Judy, Mac, Earl, Jill, David S and Alison with Cara there for layngectomees. Supporting us online were Diana and Olwen.

The burgundy and ivory balloons were purchased by me, blown up by Tammy and later used as a letter box sign for my seven year old grandson's birthday party. We're all in this thing together. 

We are grateful to those people who have donated to our cause. Donations are also trickling in from clinics which held fundraising events for our benefit. Our chair, Diana Ayling, must be mentioned here. It was her vision that spurred us all to mark the day in Auckland, to raise awareness and raise money to help head and neck cancer patients. Similar events happened in Christchurch, Nelson and other parts of the country. 

Hope to see some of you this Thursday.


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