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The Auckland Review of Head and Neck Services

As you may know, we are part of a Working Group reviewing the Head and Neck Service for Auckland, Counties-Manukau, Northland and Waitemata District Health Boards. As a Network, we value the opportunity to be part of the Working Group. It is an opportunity to deeply engaged with the issues faced by head and neck cancer patients and their families in a large region. I believe the recommendations of the Working Group are a significant milestone in the process of service improvement.

As part of the work I reviewed the core values of each of the four organisations included in the Service review. They promote three key shared values: respect for others, caring, and pursuit of excellence.
These values underpin the work of:
  1. The Review working group,
  2. Governance of the service,
  3. the Head and Neck Service.

As a Network who engages as patient advocates with the Service, we are mindful of those values. We bring out own values, of being caring, respectful, engaged and informed to the process. We are by nature an inclusive organisation. We are careful about our communications in our community and we take responsibility when we get it wrong. Sometimes we do get it wrong. We always, apologise and put it right.
Advocacy isn't easy but it is rewarding, and worth the effort. We believe that through effective collaboration we can make significant improvements to the service. 

Lottery Grants Board
Celebration! We are fortunate to receive $5,000 from the Lotteries Commission to support 

Network. These funds will help with the administration of the organisation, freeing up other donations to be directed towards patient support. A big special thank you to Maureen Jansen, our secretary, who prepared our application. And, a big thank you to all of those who buy Lotto. 

Network News

Our Network continues to grow. We are delighted to have 612 Twitter followers, 203 people in our Facebook group, 115 website members, and 414  LinkedIn contacts. If you want to connect with us through any of these channels you can do so here. Our website, Group, Twitter,, LinkedIn,

New Members

We welcome to our community,. Sian Moran, Auckland, Shirleen Henshaw, Canterbury, Jan Levien, Auckland, Vanessa Burrett, Hamilton

Some of the new folk, will be in your area.  As you know, you can click on the names to send a message to each of these people, and welcome them to our Network. Don't forget our Groups. We have something for everyone, and you can add a comment in the Forum to make contact with the members of your group.

Here is our Auckland Group with 46 members. You can see the Tabs for the Members, Forum, Photos, Dove House, and Auckland Group Meetings. 

It is easy to post a reply. Click on Forum, and post in the Reply box below. We are keen to hear from you. Share your thoughts. You will need to be a member of the site to post. 

Popular Posts
As new people join our network or are diagnosed with head and neck cancer they access a number of our articles and resources. For the last two weeks these were the most read posts. 

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Head and Neck Surgery/Laryngology: October Meeting

Speaker: Dr David Vokes


Dealing with head and neck cancer is about optimising function.

There are three types of dysfunction:

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Friendly Friday - Poems for Inspiration

We have a new section on the website that Maureen and I find exciting and we hope you will too.

I've rearranged the Printables section somewhat and added a new subsection under the "Printables" link above to give a section for "Inspiration". To get us started I've added three poems.  They are illustrated with graphics and have an image and downloadable PDF format.

Some of these have appeared before but now they have a place to be together.


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Diana Ayling

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