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New Zealand effort outstanding for World Head and Neck Cancer Day

Our WHNC day was a huge success. I am delighted to continue hearing about events, connections, donations, and general fun and camaraderie well after the day. Thank you to all those members, and our community, who gave up their time to raise awareness, education about Head and Neck Cancer. If you missed some of the action you can catch up here. A special acknowledgement to our committee member Olwen Williams who's tweet was the 6th most popular for the day across the world. 

Fundraising success!

We are pleased to share our success of fundraising $1345.75 to support our Network for the next year. This money will be used to continue our Network operations.  We will continue to produce and share resources which connect as many people as possible with an interest in head and neck cancer. We will support our members, their families and carers with kindness and compassion. We will continue to advocate for the best possible treatment, care and support of people affected by head and neck cancer in New Zealand. Thank you to those who donated, the staff and community of Ward 74 Auckland City Hospital, Gillies Hospital and Clinic, North Shore Hospital and those people who individually donated through our Give a Little page and our bank account.

If you missed out, you can make a donation vis Give a Little, (Click this link) or make a cash deposit direct to our bank account. Head and Neck Cancer Survivors' Support Network Kiwibank 38-9017-0819902-01

New Members

We welcome to our community Vicki ThomsonVicki ProvostTommy DonbavandGaye McDonnellkelsey,  and Ruth Doone. As you know, you can click on their names to send a message and welcome them to our Network. 

I have not personally met many of you, and here is something you may not know about me. I am a bit of technology and data geek. There is nothing I like more that a good set of statistics to mull over. Here are some you may find interesting. Each month we map our social media engagements for the Network, and as you can see in WHNCD (Week) we had a flurry of activity. What is interesting is that our connections are growing from New Zealand and internationally. If we put all our contacts together, we have a community of over 1000 people strong. 

Popular Posts
These are the most read posts on our site. If you haven't read them, take the time now. I have had such amazing feedback on the poem attached to the Hope story. Feel free to download and print.

Fred's partner, Olwen, tells Fred's story. 

It was mid 2015.  Fred (68) was a bit irked. He had a sore on his tongue at the side near the back. Eating chocolate hurt it and it was getting annoying. He…

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Hope for WHNCD

We all want to live in hope. Sometimes hopes for survival are dashed if the cancer has spread too far. Can there be any hope then? Not in the narrow sense of the word maybe but there are still many things we can hope for. We might have years; we might be able to live with the cancer. 

We can hope for good days, for good care, for a chance to make peace with life, to achieve a goal or fulfil a dream. We can hope for those few more good months or years where we can fulfill what we…

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Issues faced by head and neck cancer patients

The head and neck cancer patients and carers I met at the Auckland Support Group in 2014 were pretty tough and staunch. I'd attended other support groups where there were tears and tender feelings but the head and neckers were quiet about their feelings and just wanted to learn more about the disease and enjoy the feeling of being silently supported. I don't know why our group is still quite matter of fact in its approach to cancer; maybe it is because we tend to be in an older age group…

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Ka kite ano,

Diana Ayling


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