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Network News - Monday 13 November 2017

Kia ora whanau,

EPatient Dave Visit

It was a great honour to meet Dave de Bronkhart. Dave was a guest of the Waitemata DHB. He spoke to WDHB as part of the CEO lecture series. He kindly shared his time with a smaller workshop which some of us from the Network attended.

Dave's story is moving and fascinating, as his cancer treatment was recommended not by his health care professionals, but through a online patient discussion board. Dave's treatment worked. He has a wonderful life traveling and sharing his new knowledge. His call to patients to get involved in their own treatment is a challenging one for many. Dave gives his permission for us to be active in our health and wellbeing. I for one, will be taking up his challenge. 

Dave believes  “e-Patients are Empowered, Engaged, Equipped and Enabled.” So if you have not done so check out his advice to patients here. http://www.epatientdave.com/for-patients/

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BlogEntry: How patients feel

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This is a story about the Digital Health Workshop held at North Shore Hospital on 30 October. Six of us attended as well as a number of health care workers. Dave deBronkart who is…

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BlogEntry: Yay for the internet!

Empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled

Imagine being…

Added by Maur
een Jansen at 9:29pm on April 26, 2017

BlogEntry: How patients feel

Added by Head and Neck Network at 4:41pm on March 17, 2017

Auckland Patients - Review of Head and Neck Services

The Auckland Review of Head and Heck Services is complete. The working group have prepared a report with recommendations for improvements to the service. We will distribute copies of the report in summary to all our Network members, and give you a link for providing us with feedback. It does not matter if your were treated outside the Auckland region. We want you to share your thoughts and the summary of the feedback will be used when the national Head and Neck Standards are reviewed next year. 

Network News

Our Network continues to grow. We are delighted to have 669 Twitter followers, 229 people in our Facebook group, 124 website members, and 435  LinkedIn contacts. If you want to connect with us through any of these channels you can do so here. Our website, http://headandneck.org.nz/Facebook Group, Twitter, https://twitter.com/HeadNeckNZ, LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/headnecknz/

New Members

We welcome six new members to our Network. 

Tina Davis, Whangarei, Andrew Giglio, Melbourne, VIC, Sean Woods, Palmerston North, Christine McGregor, Napier, Hawke's Bay, Jay Schaafhausen, Manukau Auckland and Noel Templeton, Tauranga. If you want to join our online Network please click this link.

Some of the new folk, will be in your area.  As you know, you can click on the names to send a message to each of these people, and welcome them to our Network. Don't forget our Groups. We have something for everyone, and you can add a comment in the Forum to make contact with the members of your group.

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This is a story about the Digital Health Workshop held at North Shore Hospital on 30 October. Six of us attended as well as a number of health care workers. Dave deBronkart who is famous in health circles as a strong advocate for a new health care paradigm, is speaking at a number of events in Auckland and elsewhere. 

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Ka kite ano,

Diana Ayling

Chair Head and Neck Cancer Survivors' Support Network

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