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The Auckland Review of Head and Neck Services

None of us are mind readers. And, this I know is true, I cannot see the future. So for the Network to accurately represent your interests in treatment, care and support, we need your help. Please read the report from the Auckland Review of Head and Neck Service and take our survey. You are welcome to make any comments under each heading. Your feedback is anonymous, and we will use it to continue to advocate for you. Even if you are overseas, or in other parts of New Zealand, we encourage you to participate. We will filter the results, but we are very keen to hear about your and your experiences. All your ideas  and information is valuable to us, and with it we can work to improve the patient journey.

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Network News

Our Network continues to grow. We are New Zealand focused, and welcome new folk from around the world. We are all connected by our head and neck cancer experiences. We are delighted to have 685 Twitter followers, 244 people in our Facebook group, 130 website members, and 451 LinkedIn contacts. If you want to connect with us through any of these channels you can do so here. Our website, Group, Twitter,, LinkedIn,

New Members

We welcome to our community, Jessica Vergas, Peoria, IL, e-Patient Dave, Nashua, NH, AlanTaylorjur, Manassas, VA, Michael STEWART, NELSON, NELSON, Sarah Byrne, Motueka, Julie Rolston, Wanganui, Tina Davis, Whangarei, Andrew Giglio, Melbourne, VIC, Sean Woods, Palmerston North, Christine McGregor, Napier, Hawke's Bay, Jay Schaafhausen, Manukau Auckland, Noel Templeton, Tauranga, Lisa Lewin, South Australia, Michele Cunningham, Nelson, Keryn Claudia McGrath

Some of the new folk, will be in your area.  As you know, you can click on the names to send a message to each of these people, and welcome them to our Network. Don't forget our Groups. We have something for everyone, and you can add a comment in the Forum to make contact with the members of your group.

Here is our Auckland Group with 46 members. You can see the Tabs for the Members, Forum, Photos, Dove House, and Auckland Group Meetings. 

It is easy to post a reply. Click on Forum, and post in the Reply box below. We are keen to hear from you. Share your thoughts. You will need to be a member of the site to post. 

Popular Posts
As new people join our network or are diagnosed with head and neck cancer they access a number of our articles and resources. For the last two weeks these were the most read posts. 

Looking back at MDM through e-Patient eyes II

I’m in favour of patient attendance at the multidisciplinary meeting. The first time I attended one in October 2009, I felt quite humbled by the experience and got a secret thrill out of being the centre of attention. Wow, so many medical people looking at me and wanting to make me better.

Last time, though, in 2014, it was a more daunting experience. I had a recurrence and the meeting room seemed to have been turned into a theatre with me alone on the stage. I still think it was of…

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Slow uptake of HPV vaccine

We know that the Gardasil vaccine has cut the numbers of cervical cancer dramatically but what about the vaccine uptake for boys to prevent throat and other HPV related cancers?

A local paper shows the stats. To me, this is alarming news. …

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A patient story from the UK.

It is quite amazing what many of us go through to reach a "new normal". This is a well written story from the UK cancer support organisation, Macmillan.

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Ka kite ano,

Diana Ayling

Chair Head and Neck Cancer Survivors' Support Network

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