I would like to offer my support to Matthew Donnellan, CEO of Whitecoat, a new website that will allow a patient to choose a medical professional on past performance.  The solution may be a simple one, make it like a credit rating, if a medical professional is not “up to scratch” then they don’t get a “credit rating.”  Maybe Mr Donnellan has got the answer.

 I do not support the views of Ian Powell, the present Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMA) as reported in the New Zealand Herald.  Mr Powell, said the launch of Whitecoat.co.nz raises “serious concerns” about the fair treatment of doctors.  In what way exactly Mr Powell ?  Is it fair that patients suffer at the hands of bad doctors then ?  I see from an article in the New Zealand Herald that Mr Powell announced in July that he will resign at the end 2019.

I base my opinions and comments on personal experience and the injustice of a system that leaves a patient maimed, a life (or lives) shortened and a future ruined because that system endorses a biased approach of “no consequences” for the medical professional, regardless of what their action or inaction was.  Rabbie Burns said, quote “freedom an' whisky gang the gither !” (for the uninitiated that means freedom and whisky go together), just like “crime and punishment”.

Consequences, it's all about consequences.

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G M Rigg

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