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Tuesday Health News

The troubled Southern DHB has appointed new managers to replace others who have left.


From the south we also here of a woman who had needed bowel surgery for some time eventually being treated after an ED admission.  It's a worry when people do not get treated until it becomes an emergency.


More delays where a Whanganui woman waited a couple of months with a skull fracture because referrals were sent back to the GP.


Wellington City and MSD may combine forces to provide a "wet house" for homeless alcoholics and drug addicts.  It's an area which is lacking in New Zealand.


Johnathon Coleman declines to comment on issues at Waikato DHB.


And to cheer you up after a depressing health roundup here's the story of a stunning photograph


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  • Somehow we need to encourage people to be their own health advocates. We can so easily be lost in the system. If you are waiting too long for cancer treatment, seek help. 

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