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The round of health handouts in the run-up to the election has slowed this week as the parties move on to other issues.  But there has been talk from most sides about training more GPs and rural doctors.  Depending on who is speaking this may mean a new medical school in the Waikato or increased capacity at existing medical schools. 


There's a story about Taranaki DHB being under pressure.  An example of how hospitals can have a lot of stress at busy times.  There have been a number of stories recently about hospitals under stress and to me it shows that the system is running as lean as it can.  This sort of operation can lack resilience at busy times.


A call from breast cancer patients to have a new drug funded. It all comes down to money again.  New Zealand is slow to approve funding for new medication.  It would be good to see medication that is proven to be effective funded.  But some new medication is less effective than we would hope. 


Then a report on an investigation by the Health Commissioner into a case where the addiction service stopped a former drug addict receiving opiates when dying of liver cancer.  This seems to be a breakdown in communication, with people not up to date on changes in a person's condition making decisions.  Could this be an another example of staff being under too much stress to do their job thoroughly? 


Finally something lighter about people taking home bits of themselves from hospital.  I used to have my gallstones.  What ever happened to them?


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