The petition was launched in the later part of 2019 by Diana Ayling. The petition acheived over 640 signatures, and was presented to David Seymore, Member of Parliament for Epsom in November 2019. The petition was tabled in Parliament on the same day. The petition was referred to the Health Select Committee. The Committee are seeking a written submission before speaking with Diana Ayling at Parliament.

The Committee is meeting 12 February 2020 and will review the Network's written submission. They will decide whether there is value in speaking with our representatives. 

More news to come....

A Rare Disorder Medicine is Funded by Pharmac

After years of campaigning by Kiwi families affected by cystic fibrosis, Pharmac has finally announced plans to fund "breakthrough" drug Kalydeco. It is the first medication that fixes the underlying cystic fibrosis defect, essentially turning off cystic fibrosis for patients with the G551D mutation. Until now, New Zealand has been the only OECD country to not fund Kalydeco, with many patients considering a shift to Australia to gain access to it. Here's our full story from last night's newscast.

Anders Jansson-Bush's Story

An Auckland cancer sufferer, who gifted sunflowers from his front lawn to try raise $100,000 in donations to fund the anti-cancer drug Keytruda, has died.

Steve Wilson's Story

A Thames man is sharing his experience with cancer drug Keytruda in the hope it will help his children and other New Zealand families.

Sixty-three-year-old Steve Wilson says his life was saved after he paid $100,000 out of his own pocket to receive Keytruda treatment.

Now he wants it made accessible through funding from Pharmac for a number of other cancers including the one he had.

Pharmac Funded Breast Cancer Drug Ibrance

US doctor saves life of Kiwi woman with cancer after her call for help on Facebook

An Auckland woman has revealed that the advice she was given from a US doctor in a Facebook group saved her life — after being told she only had months to live.

In 2018, Diana Craig was diagnosed with oropharyngeal (throat) cancer that spread to the lymph nodes in her neck.

After the 52-year-old underwent two radical surgeries, one that was life-changing that left her swallowing and eating compromised, and radiation, doctors told her the cancer had gone.

Miracle drug' Keytruda approved for use earlier in melanoma treatment

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