Volunteering Week 16-22 June

National Volunteer Week 2019

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National Volunteer Week celebrates the collective contribution of the 1.2 million volunteers who enrich Aotearoa New Zealand.

National Volunteer Week 2019 runs from June 16-22. This year’s theme is “Whiri Te tangata - weaving the people together". Volunteering, Mahi Aroha and social action weave people together.

This week the Network celebrates our volunteers, and acknowledge their work. We invite more people to join us to advocate, connect and support people affected by head and neck cancer.


If you would like to contribute to the Head and Neck Cancer Support Network, we welcome you. We have a range of tasks at national and local level that bring value to the organisation. Please contact us for more details headandnecknetwork@gmail.com


Sean Woods, a lary and head & necker on the road shares his volunteering story. 

What do you do as a volunteer?

As a volunteer I talk to people about their journey , most of the time it starts with them asking about my tracheotomy. I also have available pamphlets and business cards which I hand out and encourage them to make contact with our network .

Why do you do it?

To make people aware of Head and Neck Cancer Network. To inform people that they are not alone and there is help out there for everyone

Who do you work with?

Anyone I can , Patients, Family, Nurses, Support Groups, Community Groups and anyone else I come across who needs information about our network

How does that happen?

I have a unique situation as I travel the country for 34 weeks of the year with a travelling fair , so I’m in a different town each week and meeting different people . if there’s a meeting in the town or area we are in I try and attend that as well to see how that area is helping the Head and Neck community and see if they are aware of our network .

What does volunteering do for the Head and Neck Community?

Makes people aware of the Head and Neck community, what’s available, to contact others either through the website or the closed Facebook group. It allows them to ask questions about their journey . Gets our network exposure to the public.

What have you learnt in your volunteer role, and what will you take away from it?

I have learnt not all people ask for help when they should , not all people know or understand what help is out there or where to look for help. A lot of people are shy or embarrassed because of Head and Neck cancer but just because you look different you are still the same person .

If one person takes a pamphlet or business card and asks for help or gets some answers then I feel I have achieved something and hopefully they will tell two people who will tell two more.

 Thank you Sean, for sharing your story.


Thank you to all our volunteers without whom our work would not happen.

We thank out board - Diana Ayling, Gaynor Anderson, Heather Anderson, Monica Koia, and Brian Sheppard.

We thank those who help us on the website, and Facebook group, Gloria Rigg, Bernard Saunders, Mac Redmond and Janey Gregory, and Sean Woods.

We thank Bridie Murphy, for organising an excellent fundraising breakfast in Auckland 2018. The funds raised will support a number of significant projects for head and neckers.

We also thank Pamela Stephen for helping us with our accounts, and Nicky MacDonald for help with our new logo and website.

We are grateful to all the help professionals, and our head and neck community that support head and neckers in the regions and with local and online support groups.


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