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Treating Head and Neck Cancer: The Power of a Multi-Specialty Team and Staying Informed

At the 2017 ASCO meeting in Chicago, Host Andrew Schorr chats with head and neck cancer expert Dr. Ezra Cohen. They talk about updates for patients at this year's conference. Dr. Cohen is the Associate Director of the Moores Cancer Center. He is also a Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego Health. Dr. Cohen says that researchers have realized that there are two types of head and neck cancer. One that is associated with tobacco primarily. The other being associated with human papillomavirus (HPV). This discovery will help create better defined treatments for both types of head and neck cancer. Dr. Cohen relays encouraging news from the meeting. Now there are newly approved immunotherapy treatments for patients with head and neck cancer. There is greater prevention through vaccination. Therapies are being refined. There are benefits for patients of a multi-disciplinary team for treatment. Read more and watch the video (4 min) here....


Monitoring tool lowers symptom severity for head, neck cancer

Patients with head and neck cancer who underwent remote monitoring by a mobile app and sensor technology had less severe symptoms than patients who had weekly doctor visits, according to a study scheduled for presentation at the ASCO Annual Meeting.

Both cancer- and treatment-related symptoms appeared less severe among the technology-monitored group. Clinicians detected concerning symptoms early and responded to them more rapidly.






AI Designs Radiation Therapy Treatment Plan For Cancer In Twenty Minutes

A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by a team at the University of Toronto may be able to significantly reduce the time needed to develop radiation therapy treatment plans for people with cancer.

The research published in the journal Medical Physics used AI to mine historical radiation therapy data and designed algorithms to develop recommended treatment strategies. To check the AI-produced relevant treatment plans, the researchers looked at 217 patients with head and neck cancer who had their radiation therapy schedules developed via conventional methods. The plans were comparable. Read more...

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  • The Power of a Multi-Speciality Team and Staying Informed – Oh !,  if only it were true, what a dream, could it ever be true for one and all ?

  • It has taken from 2013 till now to find out that my partner is entitled to be “enrolled” in a Ministry of Health plan called “Care Plus”.  Find out if you are entitled to “Care Plus” ask your GP, specialist or hospital, here is the link for more information


  • Some great developments - I really like the idea of the ap being able to track on-line is excellent.


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